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Aarish Ali Sardar Reviews a Solo Show for Medium.com

Aarish Ali Sardar Reviews a Solo Show for Medium.com

Mr. Aarish Ali Sardar, Designer and Associate Professor and Head Department of Visual Communication Design at Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design contributed a review of an exhibition on Medium.com.

Video link below, its is a review on Allegory of War, a solo show by internationally acclaimed visual artist Adeela Suleman. The works are on display at the Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, UK, till 9 October 2022.



A couple of hand-painted, oval-shaped ceramic plates, framed around with thick ovalish blocks of reclaimed wood, retain the traditional Indo-Persian schematic of blending faces and figures into two-dimensional planes. Arbitrarily, the first miniature, titled By the River, seems like a union of some men, women, a horse and a camel; the usual landscape with green leafy plants and trees, a few colourful royal tents and marquees. Though on a closer look, suddenly, a lot of grisly sliced heads appear, dropped everywhere. Few men become very powerful at once with swords in their hands; few as prisoners of war, and a couple of women by the river can be ostensibly seen. The parallel painting, titled I Die Unvanquished, shows the ruler on a horse observing the plundered muskets. The rage seems to have stopped, and some liaison is in progress. Viewing both the artefacts collectively gives the illusion that images are printed on film negative mounted on the metal spool and slowly moving frame by frame.

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