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Aarish Sardar Published in The News on Sunday | Contributions to the Encore and Travel Sections

Mr. Aarish Ali Sardar, Designer and Associate Professor and Head Department of Visual Communication Design at Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design contributed 2 articles for the News on Sunday (TNS).

The articles were published in the Encore and Footloose (Travel) sections of TNS dated September 25 with brief overview and links shared below:

Unwrapping the Cadbury world
Footloose (Travel) Section

The article looks at the confectionary brand’s history and how these much-loved chocolate bars come into being.

Excerpt from the article
"We, in present-day South Asia, face different challenges, though Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye and Kuch Acha Ho Jaye are punchlines everyone can relate to. Visual translations from print and screen adverts immediately evoke ideas of luxury, indulgence and deliciousness; the tagline’s target market has been accustomed to this over the past twenty years. Kudos to creative agencies behind Cadbury’s adverts, who later accomplished respectable and incisive storytelling and realistic execution in educating the general public on sharing happiness by doing little favours to others. Pathos triumphs once more."

Ordinary beings, fragmented beliefs

Encore section

A review of visual artist and MDSVAD Assistant Professor Haider Ali Jan’s solo show at T2F, Vasl Artists’ Association, Karachi.

Excerpt from the article
"The fluidity of expression, childlike drawings and mark-making in his visuals depict a certain level of casualness and freedom of experimentation with various juxtapositions of elements in non-prescribed arrangements. Haider takes an ancillary inspiration from French existentialist philosopher Henri Lefebvre’s social thoughts of the “critique of everyday life.” It is all reflected in the dialectical thinking that he employs to pose the fragmented code of vernacularism, which translates everyday situations and anecdotes into candid and pure visual expressions — not just a philosophical quandary."

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