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Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi Publishes Research with Student | V-logs induced Tourism

MS Film & TV Scholar Iqra Saleem has published a research paper with Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi in an HEC recognized "Y" category research journal: https://hjrs.hec.gov.pk/index.php?r=site%2Fresult&id=912499#journal_result.

The paper is based on a quantitative study of V-Logs induced tourism in Pakistan completed by Iqra Saleem during her MS Film & TV research thesis under joint supervision of Dr. Farooq Sulehria and Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi.

Earlier, Iqra Saleem presented two papers based on her research thesis at "International Virtual Conference on Covid-19 and the transformation role of social media-2020" (IVCTRSMAC-2020) held by Ilma University Karachi in October 2020 and "Media and Governance, 1st World Media Conference" organized by Lahore Garrison University in April 2021.

Iqra Saleem's conference presentations and the present "Y' category publication point to her hard work and unlimited support by the BNU faculty.

By far, three out of four students from the last research batch have published papers based on their TFT/SMC/BNU theses in HEC recognized "W" and "Y" category research journals. They include "Voicing the taboo: Sexual harassment in HUM and ARY Digital dramas in Pakistan" by Maheen Imran, "Fearing the effect of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Lollywood films on crime in Punjab" by Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed and "V-logs induced tourism in Pakistan" by Iqra Saleem.

Here is the link to Iqra Saleem and Dr. Rizvi's HEC recognized "Y" category publication: https://jmc.ilmauniversity.edu.pk/arc/Vol3/i1p5.

This study hypothesised that the recent increase in Pakistani tourism is partly due to substantial coverage of tourist locations in v-logs and the trend of sharing them on social media. The researchers examined v-logs uploaded on Facebook and YouTube. They collected quantitative data from the tourists to study the positive relations among four variables: destination image, information quality, motivation, and intentions. The results showed positive relations among the variables and the rise in tourism in Pakistan due to v-logs in 2018-2019. The hypotheses were accepted. The study also sheds some light upon how the Covid-19 pandemic has transformed the tourism in Pakistan.

Iqra Khan, Wajiha Raza Rizvi, & Muhammad Sohail Khalid. (2022, July 31). V-logs induced tourism in Pakistan. Journal of Media & Communication, vol. 3, issue 1. ISSN: 2707-8906. Retrieved from https://jmc.ilmauniversity.edu.pk/arc/Vol3/i1p5. HEC recognized: “Y” category research journal.

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