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Teaching Collaboration with Dr. Kevin Greenbank, Centre of South Asian Studies, University of Cambridge

The Department of Liberal Arts aims to expand its foreign institutional collaborations. Recently, there has been some developments with the Centre of South Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. With the approval of the Board of Studies, the department can explore the possibility of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) whereby faculty and students at the two universities may collaborate for teaching and research. The Centre of South Asian Studies is a world-renowned, and exceptionally vibrant, research hub. It serves all faculties and departments in the University whose teaching and research touches on the regions of South and Southeast Asia. Its rare library collection and unique archival collection of papers, films and photographs attract scholars from around the world. In addition to its core staff, it hosts several affiliated and visiting scholars. Academic staff from various parts of the University run its Committee of Management.

South Asian studies are well represented in the different Faculties of the University – especially History, Anthropology, Social and Political Studies, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Divinity and Geography – and they benefit enormously from the research environment the Centre provides for academic staff and graduate students. The Centre’s ‘community’ includes approximately 350 scholars in the University who have a direct interest in South and Southeast Asia together, and over 80 graduate students working within the area, including students of its own top-ranking MPhil in South Asian Studies. In addition, approximately 200 students from the region studying for higher degrees in Cambridge visit the Centre to attend film screenings, exhibitions, informal discussions and public lectures.

The Centre holds a weekly research seminar program during term and organizes occasional workshops, public lectures and conferences.

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