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Part II of Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran's Piece on Prof. Rashid Rana | The News on Sunday

Professor Dr. Tahir Kamran, Head of the Department of Liberal Arts has written a second piece on Dean Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design Professor Rashid Rana, titled "A genius driven by destiny - II" in the latest edition of The News on Sunday, February 27, 2022.

Please find below the link to the article:
"A genius driven by destiny — II"

An excerpt from the article is given below:
"Now he reckons that the binaries of East and West are often overplayed, the binary of ‘actual’ and ‘remote’ are more plausible. The actual is close at hand – something one can experience directly with the body as the site of knowing. The ‘remote’ is knowledge amassed indirectly, from diverse sources scattered across time and space. The result is a meditation on location, both in a physical as well as temporal sense."

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