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Ph.D. Awarded to Mrs. Nabia Luqman by IP

Mrs. Nabia Luqman, after fulfilling all the requirements of Ph.D. degree, successfully defended her Ph.D. Dissertation on 24th September 2021. Her thesis conducted under the supervision of Dr. Ruhi Khalid was titled “Development and Validation of Learning Style Questionnaire for E-Learners and Identifying Learning Styles of E-Learners in Pakistan.”

Her work was externally assessed by international experts and her viva was conducted by Prof. Dr. Amina Muazzam, Professor/Chairperson, Department of Applied Psychology, (LCWU), and Dr. Salma Hasan, Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Psychology (GCU). All the examiners praised her work and considered it to be a milestone in the field of Educational Psychology in Pakistan.

Institute of Psychology feels very pleased and proud of producing the 5th Ph.D. and heartily congratulates Mrs. Nabia Luqman for her long awaited and hard-earned achievement.

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