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Dr. Kamran Bashir Publishes Book for Routledge's "Studies in the Quran" Series

Dr Kamran Bashir, Assistant Professor in the Department of Liberal Arts, has just published his book The Qur'an in South Asia: Hermeneutics, Qur'an Projects, and Imaginings of Islamic Tradition in British India.

Dr. Bashir's work offers a pioneering historical study of the emergence of ideas related to the interpretation of the Qur'an in British India. The book appears in the renowned Routledge "Studies in the Qur'an" Series (series editor: Walid Saleh, University of Toronto).

Following is the publisher's link for the book: https://www.routledge.com/The-Quran-in-South-Asia-Hermeneutics-Quran-Projects-and-Imaginings/Bashir/p/book/9781032027890.

Studies in the Qur'an series can be seen at https://www.routledge.com/Routledge-Studies-in-the-Quran/book-series/SE0482.

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