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Inclusion of Dr. Wajiha's Documentary Film for a PhD Thesis on Feminist Documentary Film in Pakistan

On 12 July 2021, University of Glasgow UK, School of Culture and Creative Arts uploaded the PhD thesis titled "Feminist Documentary Film in Pakistan: Deconstructing Cinematic Discourse on Feminism, culture and Islam" by Dr. Zahid Ehsas Khan on 10 documentary films of Pakistani women filmmakers Wajiha Raza Rizvi, Sharmeen Obaid Chenoy, Sabiha Sumar, and Samar Minallah. Dr. Rizvi was also nominated to conduct the viva of Dr. Zahid Khan in April 2021, which was conducted by another professor from the UK during the lockdown.

For further information about the PhD thesis, visit: http://theses.gla.ac.uk/82312/.

To watch Dr. Rizvi's film Pakistan: Education and Women (2015) shot in the four provinces of Pakistan for the US Embassy Islamabad visit: https://vimeo.com/115256067.

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