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Dean MDSVAD, Rashid Rana Presents " EART" at Manchester International Festival

Dean MDSVAD, Mr. Rashid Rana in collaboration with Madyha Leghari, and with contributions by Adnan Madani, Aroosa Rana, Ijlal Muzaffar, Natasha Jozi, Pablo Baler, Quddus Mirza and Risham Syed, presented his groundbreaking project "EART" at Manchester International Festival.

Following text is from www.mif.co.uk/

"One of the world’s leading visual artists explores new ways of looking at the world in this enthralling new project. Parallel to his iconic art practice, Rashid Rana has coined the term ‘EART’ to describe moments of self-expression beyond the arts: ways of thinking, being and acting creatively in real life. In this far-reaching exhibition, the acclaimed Pakistani artist considers how this concept of EART could be applied everywhere from social media to real estate development. And alongside it, Rana opens a pop-up shop in the city, stocking products that turn capitalism inside out and consumerism upside down.

The exhibition explores how the concept of EART could be applied to a variety of everyday situations. It features new ideas with utopian aspirations that can still be realised in the form of a planet wide businesses, hence suggesting a change from within the system; MINUS Glocal, a concept store selling essential grocery items suggests the possibility of world without paid advertising; 1001 Minds Glocal, a concept for a new social media app devised by Rana that provides structure for the democratization of expression through social media, and Exit Glocal, a housing development that presents a new way of living that celebrates de-compartmentalization of a various components of urban life as its primary focus.

Rashid Rana, widely considered to be the foremost Pakistani artist of his generation, has exhibited extensively worldwide, and his work can be found in the collections of the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and many other institutions worldwide."

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