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Professor Dr .Tahir Kamran Contributes an Article to The News

Professor Dr .Tahir Kamran Contributes an Article to The News

Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran from BNU School of Liberal Arts contributed an article  for The News on Sunday edition of September 29, titled Questioning the Liberal Tradition :

“The liberal tradition will have to find its anchors not in India or the America-led West, but in an indigenous milieu.”

The following is an excerpt from the piece: 

In this book, Mbembe argues that the postcolonial nation inherits the colonizer’s structures of otherization, whereby the native or the colonised is always less than a citizen. Indeed, in the works of Frantz Fanon and Aime Cesaire, the native is always less than human to the invaders. When the lens is reversed, one realises that the native also always views the colonizer as something other than human, as somebody who is never the same as “us.”

The article may be read at:
Questioning the liberal tradition - TNS - The News on Sunday

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