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Farooq Sulehria contributes a chapter to "India in South Asia: Challenges and Management"

Dr Farooq Sulehria has contributed a book chapter to recently published book, titled: India in South Asia: Challenges and Management’ (Singapore: Springer).

Titled, ‘India as Soft Power’, Farooq Sulehria’s chapter questions mainstream narratives portraying India as an emerging world giant whereby Indian soft power may help catapult India to global domination. According to Sulehria, India is a sub-imperial power and India’s soft power alone cannot project India as an imperial counterpart of metropolitan powers. 

Farooq Sulehria is an Assistant Professor and heads the Department of Liberal Arts (DLA) at BNU. 

This book discusses the perceptions India has about its South Asian neighbors, and how these neighbors, in turn, perceive India. 

For more details visit: India in South Asia: Challenges and Management

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