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 Degree Show, Design Summit and Nothing Fest by SVAD, BNU

Degree Show, Design Summit and Nothing Fest by SVAD, BNU

The Annual Thesis Show of the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), Beaconhouse National University (BNU), the Degree Show 2019 concluded at the university’s tarogil campus. 

This year’s SVAD Degree Show featured thesis works of around 60 graduating students of Visual Arts, Visual Communication Design, Textile and Fibre Studies, Fashion and Fibre Studies and Jewelry & Accessory Design. 

In his statement, Dean SVAD, Prof. Rashid Rana said, 
Our students, as always have done extremely well, creating work ranging from the thought provoking to the innovative, from the interdisciplinary to the interactive, from the virtual life to local myths and from organic to sustainable, fearlessly standing up for what they believe in. The rich diversity in work is a direct result of the diversity we have in the background of our student body. Our students not only come from Pakistan but also from countries across South Asia. Through the unique experience this program provides, the South Asian students have made their mark in their own countries as well as globally.“

The Degree Show was inaugurated by Dr. Parvez Hassan, Member BNU Board of Governors on April 21, 2019 and was attended by a large number of students from across various institutions of Lahore besides art academics, artists, designers, art-critics and art-enthusiasts. 

The week-long activities also featured the second Design Summit Prologue held on 21st April 2019, conceived by Prof. Rashid Rana - the event aimed to extend the discourse by looking at design beyond the walls of the university and the office. The idea was to offer a platform where academicians, practitioners and specialists share their conversations revolving around the discourse of Design and learn from each other. The event was participated by eminent scholars and professionals practicing the discipline. 

Dr. Ijlal Muzaffar (Associate Professor, RISD), Creative Director of DS 2020 in his concept note mentioned the premise as - Design Summit challenges the binary framings of modern vs traditional, art/design vs craft, global vs local and tried to explore how the breaking of such binaries can inform the evolution of design.

The third edition of Nothing fest was held from 22nd - 26th of April; the sub-theme for this year was "blank." Continuing the tradition of bringing people outside of art and design academia, this year the Nothing fest brought together powerhouses from extremely diverse backgrounds. The talks were kick started by the very esteemed and learned, powerhouse of knowledge, Syed Fakir Aijazuddin, followed by the psychiatrist Ali Hashmi, famous Pakistani celebrities Meera & Samina Peerzada, the exuberant adventurer Moin Khan and the veteran lawyer, Salman Raja. The speakers put together their ideas of "blank" through their experiences, some brought in poetry, some engaged the audience, some narrated moving stories. 

After the enriching sessions interactive “talkshops” were held for the students to gain a more engaging experience with the leaders in their respective fields. The talkshops were conducted by some famous names like Ali Azmat, Poor Rich boys, Talha Ali, Ayesha Nasir and many more.

During the week Prof. Rashid Rana in his comments described Nothing Fest as, “an ongoing effort to expand pedagogy outside the limits of the classroom, and to seek alternate means of knowledge dissemination that augment prescribed curricula”.

Design Summit 2020 - Prologue 02 Booklet

SVAD Degree Show 2019 Catalog


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