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High Achievers of Institute Of Psychology

High Achievers of Institute Of Psychology

We like to congratulate the students of Institute of Psychology (IP) who have been awarded prestigious scholarships such as Fulbright and who have secured scholarships from high-ranking universities. The names of some of our high achievers are given below:

Geti Ara Syed Fulbright Scholarship
Ali Kazmi Fulbright Scholarship
Sana Wasiq Fulbright Scholarship
Fatima Hussain University of Edinburgh (UK)
Fatima Aziz University of Northampton (UK)
Hina Haq University of Osnabruck (Germany)


We also wish to congratulate Sheza Naeem, from Semester 7, who has returned from Hungary after completing a six-week internship at Bélapátfalvai IdÅ‘sek, fogyatékosok otthona (Home for the Disabled, in Bélapátfalva, Hungary), a home for the elderly as well as those who are disabled physically and mentally.

We are extremely proud of our students' accomplishments and wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

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