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Art for Cause: SVAD students participated in the Fearless Collective

Art for Cause: SVAD students participated in the Fearless Collective

The Fearless Collective crossed the Indian border and stepped into the new yet known, Pakistan. The Fearless Collective is a group of artists, activists, photographers and filmmakers who use art to speak out against gender violence, led by the internationally renowned artist and activist, Shilo Shiv Suleman. Suleman’s own practice seamlessly blends art, technology and design for social change.

From November 20th–21st 2015, a group of BNU VCD department, led by our alumna and now illustration teacher, Shehzil Malik were fortunate to take part in the workshop (hosted by the Faiz International Festival) that created public art in Lahore on the theme of “Inheritance”. The workshop centered on understanding the words and behaviors that we have inherited, and finding the value of these social norms. Focusing on gender and our home context, a mural was painted in the bustling and historic Anarkali Bazaar as part of a public art initiative to start this conversation in Lahore.

The group decided to use the theme of “Inheritance” to create a message of positivity. Many of us grow up hearing the familiar phrase, “Log kiya kahain gay?”–“What will people say?” as a way of discouraging and cautioning against the “dangerous” unknown. The group decided on the strategy to turn this phrase on its head and instead take ownership of our lives; after all we are the “log” we are talking about! Can we become the change we want to see in society? Can we raise our children to be unafraid and live their lives as they see fit? Can we choose love over fear?

The process of painting the mural itself coupled with the group’s interactions with people on the street became a truly became a life affirming experience.

Participants from BNU VCD Department:

Alina Tauseef

Meher Nawaz Shah

Abass Ahsan

Zaira Shaukat

Kashmala Aijaz

Nadia Kanwal

Ebaa Khurram

Hiba Malik

Maria Faisal

Mohammad Ali Butt

Mustafa Naveed

Mehak Shahrukh

Adil Mehmood

Haris Hadayat Ullah

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