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MS Film & TV 


Program Overview

Areas: Film and TV Production, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Acting, Sound, Editing

Duration: 2 years

Credits: 30-33

Career Paths: Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Actor, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Film & TV Technician, Researcher, Critical Thinker

Program Description

MS Film & Television is a unique first-of-its-kind program in Pakistan that is designed to expose students to advanced hands-on professional guidance under the supervision of highly qualified and professionally trained faculty members. It is a two-year program that aims to impart the professional experience of film and television production techniques and critical thinking through discussions on film and communication theories and the latest research.

  • Classes will be held at BNU, 13 km Off Raiwind Road, Lahore
  • Foreign educated faculty & industry professionals
  • Scholarships are available on Merit and Need basis
  • Latest production equipment
  • Workshops
  • Film studios and TV channels visits
  • Admission Requirement

    To be eligible for admission to MS Film and TV, a candidate must satisfy the following requirements: -

    • MA or 16 years of education with BA (Hons.) from a recognized university with minimum CGPA of 2.5
    • Written/aptitude test
    • Interview
    • UGAT (University Graduate Assessment Test)* or GAT NTS

    UGAT (University Graduate Assessment Test) will be conducted by the School of Media and Mass Communication, BNU. Admission to MS Film & TV program will be given on provisional basis until the student clears UGAT. Those students who fail to clear UGAT during their academic stay at BNU will not be able to complete the degree program. Applicants who have already passed GAT (offered by National Testing Service) will not be required to appear for UGAT.

  • Courses

    • Semester I - Year I

      Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
      Media Theory  TFT-706 3
      TV Production  TFT-701 3
      Optional  TFT-708 3
      Total   12
    • Semester II - Year I

      Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
      Film Production  TFT-705 3
      Research Methodology  TFT-708 3
      Seminar  TFT-707 3
      Scriptwriting  TFT-702 3
      Total   12
    • Semester III & IV - Year II

      Course Title  Course Code Credit Hrs.
      Advance Research Methodology (For Research Thesis students only) TFT-750 3
      Optional Extra Course(s)**
      As Needed**
      Thesis (Project) TFT-752 6
      Thesis (Research)  TFT-807
      Total   9
    • List of Elective Courses

      Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
      Documentary  TFT-704 3
      Acting, Improvisation and Performance   TFT-719 3
      Media Culture and Society/ Gender Studies  TFT-709 3
      Advertising and Public Relations  TFT-712 3
      Multimedia Arts  TFT-756 3
      Cinema Appreciation  TFT-714 3
      Radio Production  TFT-715 3
      Case Studies TV and Film studies  TFT-716 3
      Case Studies PR and Advertising  TFT-717  3
      Sound  TFT-710 3
      Acting  TFT-718  3
      Film Theory  TFT-720  3
    • List of Thesis Options

      Final Project (Choose any one) Credit Hrs.
      Short Film  6
      TV Play 6
      Docudrama 6
      Documentary 6
      Telefilm 6
      Animation Film 6
      Experimental Film 6
      Feature Film 6
      Research Thesis 6
      Any Other 6


    • The roadmap is subject to change as and when required.
    • Required credit hours are 30-33.
    •  Students may enroll in additional courses to improve their skills.
    • The department reserves the right to advise a student to take a deficiency course or more.
    • Students announce the duration and forum of their thesis film.
  • Degree Requirement

    Successful completion of credit hours, projects and thesis

  • Thesis

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