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The Department of Fine Arts, continues to offer students the possibility of researching, intersecting through disciplines, questioning and reinventing existing methods of creating Art. This has been achieved by equipping students with the freedom to forge their personal paths. The aim is to help them develop a position on issues important to them in their current reality, using contemporary strategies of visual research, thus nurturing well- informed and reflective professionals.

Students learn to interact with communities and engage with the city in an active way responding to discursive environments and creating dialogues between different perspectives and paradigms. Works they show present analysis, challenge the status quo, and question the so-called predetermined, given boundaries. There is a deep interest in fathoming the ‘layers’ of societal norms, notions of identity and with pertinent questions of history, ideas of materiality and interpretation. The works take diverse creative approaches yet we find them deeply grounded in the reality of times we are living in.

The Department of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts and Design has contributed to the development of contemporary art practices in Pakistan immeasurably. The practices of the faculty and alumni of this department have a transnational sensibility, which has contributed to the reputation of Pakistani art in the international arena. Graduates from the Department of Fine Arts at SVAD are offered places in the most sought-after programmes and residencies across the world. They are awarded grants, scholarships, funding for higher education and other competitive projects.

The faculty and alumni continue to showcase their work in the world’s most prestigious platforms such as international biennials and triennials.


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