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Beaconhouse National University

About School of Management Sciences

BNU’s School of Management Sciences is committed to providing top notch education with a focus on real-world practice to help our students develop the skills that are fundamental to assuming leadership and managerial roles in the industry. The acclaimed faculty at School of Management Sciences brings its experience to the table and provides students with an unmatched academic as well as professional experience. School of Management aims to train its graduates to take up careers in modern corporate entities.

We design and make our programs available for motivated and committed learners only.

Vision Statement

To be the school of first choice in the country for its transformational learning, research & innovation, and global societal impact.

Mission Statement

We aim to foster a dynamic environment that encourages creativity, diversity & inclusivity to develop responsible leaders who transform business and society, through:

  • Excellence in teaching
  • Experiential learning
  • Industry-academia collaborations
  • Cutting edge research
  • Sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship & technology.

The Beaconhouse Group
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