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Over the years, the discipline of media and mass communication has evolved from print and electronic media to social media for communicating ideas, opinions and information to the general public and specialized audiences. The media’s special importance lies in its role in producing and mediating cultures, mobilizing social change and influencing national and international affairs. Today’s job market is looking for young professionals with expertise in information, entertainment, strategic and corporate communication. In view of these trends, we have devised interdisciplinary programs to produce graduates with critical perspectives and updated skills to lead the job market, act as agencies of social change and develop as global citizens. We have also forged international linkages.

Presently, we are offering MS (Public Relations and Advertising), MS (Film and Television), BA (Honors) Social Science with Majors in Media Studies, BS (Honors) in Communication and New Media Technology, BA (Honors) Theatre, Film and Television. The SMC has so far produced more than 300 theses /projects. Seven PhD scholars have completed their degrees. Our graduates are working in print and electronic media, advertising and public relations organizations and film production houses, besides setting up their own enterprises. Our theatre teams and filmmakers have won national and international awards. SMC’s faculty keeps on enhancing its qualifications and follows innovations in communication education. As Dean of this prestigious mass communication school, I assure you that you will have an excitingly rich academic experience throughout your stay here in an environment of intellectual inquiry, diversity and freedom of expression.

Dean, School of Media & Mass Communication (SMC)

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