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BS (Hons) in Communication and New Media Technology 

Program Overview

Degree: BS

Duration: 8 semesters, 4 years

Credits: 130

Career Paths: Immersive Journalist, Data  Journalist, Social & Digital Media Writer, Social & Digital Media Content Producer/Developer, Social & Digital Media Editor, Social & Digital Media Manager, Social & Digital Media Analyst, Documentary Production Specialist, Multimedia Producer, Media Entrepreneur, Art Director, Video Game Designer, Web Content Developer, Web Designer, Digital Advertising Specialist, Digital Public Relations Specialist, Advertising and Design Consultant.

  • Program Description

    The media industries in Pakistan and the world over are rapidly changing with the advent of new technologies of communication. As a result of these changes a profound transformation is taking place in the media industries in terms of interactive and aesthetically enriched storytelling techniques and their impact on society at the cultural, social, political and global levels. Keeping in view the technological revolution in the media and communication industries with accompanying job opportunities, the SMC at BNU has designed this innovative undergraduate new media degree to cater for market requirements and create new employment possibilities for media students. The main objective of this BS program is to study and explore the potentials of new media technologies under one umbrella in the realms of interactivity, creativity, knowledge, arts, information, entertainment, strategic communication and entrepreneurship. The courses in this degree meet not only the purpose of dissemination of content in multiple forms and their expression in the highly connected world but also take into account social and ethical aspects of digital interventions. This BS in New Media program will enable students to develop conceptual, theoretical, design, and technical skills needed to communicate stories and messages in an interdisciplinary environment to an ever changing audience.

  • Admission Requirement

    To be eligible for admission to BS (Hons) in Communication and New Media Technology , a candidate must satisfy the following requirements: -

    • Educational Criteria
      • FA/FSc with at least 2nd division (i.e. 495 marks).
      • O-levels (in at least 6 subjects) and 3 A-levels. Advanced Subsidiary (AS) will not be taken into account.
      • High School Diploma and International Baccalaureate (IB) result with at least 2.5 CGPA
      • Equivalence certificate from IBCC IBCC for all international qualifications i.e. O-Levels/A-Levels, High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate etc.

      Students awaiting their FA/FSc/A-Level results may apply for admission at BNU. Selected candidates will be granted provisional admission only, which may be regularized after they have been declared successful and meet the admission requirements of the university.

    • Written / aptitude test
    • Interview
  • Courses

    • Semester I

        Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
       1. Mass Media; Local, National and Global  JOU-113 3
       2. New Media Technologies
       JOU-112 3
       3. Urdu Language Skills  HEC Mandatory  MCB-435 3
       4. Foundation English (University Core)  HEC Mandatory  ELU-500 3
       5. Islamic Studies (University Core)  HEC Mandatory  SLA-103 1.5
       6. Introduction to Social Anthropology  Elective DLA  DLA-143 3
        Total   16.5
    • Semester II

        Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
       1. Theories of Communication   JOU-114 3
       2. Story Telling in the Digital World  JOU-105 3
       3. Communication Skills   HEC Mandatory  JOU-104 3
       4. Introduction To Political Thoughts  Elective DLA  DLA-109 3
       5. Technology and Social Change  Elective DLA  DLA-225 3
       6. Pakistan Studies (University Core)  HEC Mandatory  SLA-102 1.5
        Total   16.5
    • Semester III

        Course Title  Course Code Credit Hrs.
       1. Semiotics and Visual Representation
       JOU-215 3
       2. Journalism Practices in the New Media Environment/
      Digital Culture and Society
       3. Computer Literacy (University Core)
       HEC Mandatory  CSE-100 3
       4. Digital photography
       JOU-211 3
       5. Transnational Media and Pop Culture
       Elective DLA  MCB-209 3
        Total   15
    • Semester IV

        Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
       1. Web Design and Application Development
       JOU-218 3
       2. Publishing and Distribution in Digital Media 
       JOU-219 3
       3. Video Games: Basic Concepts
       JOU-220 3
       4. Data and Investigative Journalism
       JOU-221 3
       5. Globalization: Politics, Economics and Culture
       Elective DLA  DLA-335 3
       6. Persuasive Communication  JOU-222 3
        Total   18
    • Semester V

        Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
       1. Marketing and Media Analytics
       Elective SB  JOU-312 3
       2. Visual Communication Design  JOU-305 3
       3. TV and Film in the Digital Age  JOU-306 3
       4. Economics and Development Issues in Pakistan
       Elective BBA  JOU-313 3
       Elective DLA   3
       6. Mobile Technology and Communications  JOU-317 3
        Total   18
    • Semester VI

        Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
       1. Immersive Media  JOU-308 4
       2. Video Games and Social Impact  JOU-309 3
       3. Digital Advertising   JOU-311 3
       4. Media Entrepreneurship  JOU-420 3
       5. Research Methodology    MCB-416 3
        Total   16
    • Semester VII

        Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
       1. Convergence Journalism   JOU-422 3
       2. New Media and Social Movements   JOU-408 3
       3. New Media Integrated Lab   JOU-409 3
       4. Digital Public Relations  JOU-415 3
       5. Community Media   JOU-416 3
        Total   15
    • Semester VIII

        Course Title Course Code  Credit Hrs.
       1. Fact and Fiction- Tracking Fake News 
       JOU-417 3
       2.  Multimedia Narrative and its Impact 
       JOU-418 3
       3. Thesis/Project
      Or Two optional courses
      (i) Global Communication
      (ii) Communication & Public Opinion
       MCB-455/ JOU-423
       4.  Social Media and Fifth Generation Warfare  JOU-419 3
        Total   15
    • Important Notes:

      • Students can take six elective courses from social sciences schools.

  • Degree Requirement

    Successful completion of 130 credit hours of course work along with thesis/elective subjects

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