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SMC’s faculty members are on the cutting edge of the business. Our faculty members at the Program of Journalism & Mass Communication keep themselves updated on journalistic issues and media practices. At TFT, courses are taught by a diverse faculty of accomplished filmmakers, professional practitioners, scholars and writers, representing a wide range of approaches and backgrounds, who have earned national and international distinction in their areas.

Permanent Faculty

  • Dr. Bushra Hameedur Rahman
    Dean, School of Media & Mass Communication

    Dr. Bushra Hameedur Rahman, the Dean of the School of Media and Mass Communication at Beaconhouse National University, boasts a remarkable academic career. Prior to her current role, she served as a distinguished professor in the School of Communication Studies and led as Chairperson of the Department of Journalism Studies at the esteemed University of the Punjab.

    Dr. Rahman's scholarly pursuits center around a critical examination of mass media discourses, particularly delving into their dual role in both fostering division and fostering unity within communities. Her research interests encompass Orientalism, Feminism, and Muslim feminism, with a special emphasis on scrutinizing the portrayal of Muslim women in Western media and religious narratives, as well as the depiction of the West in Pakistani religious discourse.

    Furthermore, her academic endeavors extend to exploring themes such as peace journalism and ethical principles in communication education and practice. Recently, Dr. Rahman has been immersed in studying the ideas of Rousseau, Muhammad Iqbal, and Mary Parker Follett regarding conflict and integration, with the objective of constructing a framework for consensus-building in communities for the collective benefit.

    Dr. Rahman's leadership prowess is evident in her role as a founding member and President of the Association of Media and Communication Academic Professionals (AMCAP), where she has spearheaded international conferences on media and society and doctoral spring schools in Pakistan. Notably, she has been elected twice as the Chair of the Islam and Media Group of the International Association of Mass Communication Research (IAMCR).

    In addition to her leadership roles, Dr. Rahman has contributed significantly to academia through her editorial positions. She has served as an Editor of the Journal of Media Studies, a publication of the Institute of Communication Studies at the University of the Punjab. Presently, she holds the esteemed position of Chief Editor of the AMCAP Journal of Media and Communication Studies, further solidifying her commitment to advancing scholarly discourse in the field.

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  • Rana Faizan Ali
    Assistant Professor
    Head of Department (Journalism and Mass Communication)

    • M. Phil Mass Communication (Gold Medalist), BNU
    • M.A in Mass Communication, BNU
    • Former News Reporter GEO TV
    • Former Asisstant Producer (Left Right GEO TV)
    • Strategy & planning Head (Koh-e-Noor TV)
    • Host (Gardish-e-Halat Kohe-e-Noor Tv )

    Mr. Rana Faizan Ali is an academician, broadcast journalist, production expert, and media trainer. He has over 15 years of experience in teaching, production and media training. He has been associated with numerous leading Television Channels including Geo News, and Koh-e-Noor TV in hosting, reporting and production. He has also been a Distinguished Visiting Faculty and Media Trainer at the Management and Professional Development Department, Government of the Punjab. He is also a member of the committee on Education Reform and Communication, Programme Monitoring and Implementation Unit, Government of the Punjab. He is also an external examiner and member of the Board of Studies of several public and private universities.

  • Qazi Akhyar Ahmad
    Sr. Assistant Professor
    Head of Department (TV, Film & Theater)

    • M. Phil in Mass Communication Management 
    • M.Sc. in Computer Sciences, PUCIT
    • Certificate Course Video Production NCA Lahore
    • Certificate Course Documentary Film Production Institute of Media & Communication, Iqra University Lahore

    Qazi Akhyar Ahmad has been teaching at TFT since 2011. He is full-time faculty teaching Videography, Post Production and Graphics courses. He has worked for 2 years at an advertising agency cum media production house in Lahore. He has worked for 6 years as Program Director at one of the Pakistani prestigious leading TV network channel HUM TV. With his previous years of work in telefilms, dramas, documentaries, magazine shows etc., he brings valuable industry expertise to the editing portion of the program.


  • Dr. Wajiha Raza Rizvi
    Associate Professor
    Degree In charge (MS Film & TV)

    • PhD Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Pakistan
    • PhD Research Scholar from Pakistan, Global Inter Media Dialog, Norway
    • Doctoral Studies, Oklahoma State University, USA
    • MA Goldsmiths’ College University of London, UK
    • B Design, National College of Arts, Pakistan

    Wajiha Raza Rizvi, Associate Professor, School of Media & Mass Communication Beaconhouse National University, set up Department of Film & Television at National College of Arts (NCA) Pakistan, establishing a film studio, curricula and resources as the Project Director, was key team member to develop the charter proposal and also to conceptualise graduate programs (MPhil & PhD) and develop detailed curriculum and core, major and elective courses for BS in film & television for the Institute of Art & Culture (IAC) Pakistan, and set up an Institute affiliated with University of Karachi. She also worked for Orient McCANN Erickson, Interflow, Hybrid Aviation/Technics, Film Museum Society, NCA, FCC, BNU, PU, UoL, Kinnaird, and Comsats Pakistan, served/serves as Member Board of Faculty and Member Board of Studies at Beaconhouse National University, Government College University, Forman Christian College, University of Lahore, University of Central Punjab, University of the Punjab and Virtual University Pakistan, and advised former President TEVTA on a number of skill development and educational projects around Lahore.

    Though she briefly contributed to the 2nd SAF Games’ campaign among the seven SAARC nations for Interflow, she served as one of 5 key members to conceive a fundraising plan for the 9th SAF Games and headed its most heavily funded project SAF Stars Quiz, a primetime show telecast countrywide on Pakistan Television Network as Orient McCANN/SAF Marketing/GHQ/Pakistan government project. She was one of two core members to either conceive and organise or raise funds for the Walton Air Shows 2002 and 2003, attracting participation from all aviators across Pakistan, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force..

    Rizvi received funding for 6 projects including a preconference in Singapore sponsored by International Association for Media & Communication Research (IAMCR) - Gender and Communication Section (GEN), an art workshop at Alhamra Arts Council leading to an exhibition at NCA and a film Pakistan: Education & Women (https://vimeo.com/115256067) shot in four provinces of Pakistan, both sponsored by US Embassy/Consulate, a health and communication awareness campaign on leprosy sponsored by World Health Organisation through Mary Adelaide LC, and produced directed 86 documentary films, television shows and television commercials along with 6 adaptations.

    She has a Bachelors’ degree in Graphic/Communication Design from NCA, MA in Television Documentary from Goldsmiths’ University of London (Chevening scholar), PhD in Communication Studies from University of the Punjab, and partly completed PhD courses and training at Oklahoma State University USA and Oslo Akershus University College (Oslo-Met) Norway on Fulbright and Global Inter Media Dialog funding. She housed for one year postgraduate training in Television Production Techniques at North East Media Training Centre/European Media School, Stonehill Studios, Tyne & Wear UK (Foreign & Commonwealth Office SAS), and 18 teaching and learning courses, including 9/10 of those offered to faculty employed with a consortium of institutions associated with Global Liberal Arts Alliance USA.

    Rizvi, besides normal teaching, taught one Connect course between American University in Nigeria and Forman Christian College Pakistan (https://doi.org/10.1002/9781119634867.ch11), featuring student interaction, co-authored papers and videos. She is contributing to research on transcultural education with two professors from University of Wellington Australia and PUCE Ecuador. She is contributing to an intergovernmental project on education policy and research.

    She has supervised 25 BS & MA and 70 MPhil/MS research theses and films, and 5 PHD research theses.

    She has published 47 academic research papers on film, television, radio and print media with Springer Nature, Brill, Palgrave, Routledge, Encyclopedia Islamica Foundation Iran, Encyclopedia of Women & Islamic Cultures USA, London Film and Media, and others, including 29 single author papers. She is a member of editorial board of four and peer reviewer of 10 academic research journals. Over ten years, University of Amherst, US War College, University of York Canada, and other universities in Malaysia and UK have added her research papers to their graduate and undergraduate curricula. She is Co-Chair of one of largest Gender & Communication Section of IAMCR and president of Pakistan National Association of Fulbright Alumni (Pak-NAFA).

    She owns a large collection of pre-and-post-Partition Pakistani film archives and has over 10,000 followers on her Film Museum Society blog/page (https://www.facebook.com/filmmuseumsociety) on social media. You may further review her work on https://wajiharazarizvi.wordpress.com/.

    Contact: wajiharaza@yahoo.com

  • Dr. Farasat Rasool
    Associate Professor

    • PhD Communication Sciences – CIMEOS, Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France
    • M II (Research) Media, Language & Communication – Institut Français de Presse (IFP), Université Panthéon – Assas Paris II, Paris, France
    • MA Mass Communication with specialization in Advertising & Public Relations – Institute of Communication Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

    Dr. Farasat Rasool did his MS and PhD from France on merit scholarship jointly offered by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and the Government of France. He did his MS (Research) from one of the most prominent and eminent institutes of journalism in Europe i.e., IFP. His area of study had been semiotics. For his PhD dissertation, he specialized in the field of Media Sociology and was awarded distinction for his doctoral thesis – a rare honor in the field of Communication Sciences in France. He has been teaching at the some of the most renowned higher education institutes of the country in both public and private sectors.

  • Dr. Farooq Sulehria
    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Farooq Sulehria has a PhD in Development Studies (SOAS) and MA degrees in Global Media and Post-National Communication (SOAS) and Mass Communication (University of Punjab). Before joining BNU in 2018, he worked as a Senior Teaching Fellow and a Teaching Fellow, for three years, at SOAS University of London. He was also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of East London.

    In the past, he has worked as a journalist with mainstream dailies such as The News (Rawalpindi), The Nation (Lahore), The Frontier Post (Lahore) and Daily Mashriq (Karachi). Since 2005, he has been contributing an op-ed column to The News.

    For over five years (2010-2015), he also co-edited Viewpoint, a weekly e-zine. He has also contributed to Znet, teleSUR-English, TRT besides such mainstream Swedish dailies as Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet.

    Besides contributing to national and international media outlets, he has authored and translated over a dozen books on politics and religion, both in Urdu and English.

    Academic Publications:

    • (2018) Media Imperialism in India and Pakistan. New York: Routledge 
    • Leplat, F and Sulehria, F (2019) Fundamentalism in South Asia. Amsterdam: International Institute for Research and Education. Forthcoming
    Research Papers
    • (2018) Washington Post Scribe Orientalises Afghanistan.  Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies. 
    • (2017) Afghan Women: Beyond Binaries. (co-authored with Sahar Saba). South Asian Survey. Vol 24, Issue 1, pp 20-36.
    • (2017) ‘Globalisation of Media Marginalising Workers: The Case of India and Pakistan’. Marxism 21. Vol 14, No 1 (Spring), pp 335-365.
    • (2016) ‘DD and PTV as Victims of Globalisation’. Asian Journal of Communication. Vol 27, Issue 1, pp 97/112.
    • (2009) ‘Pakistan, protest and rebellion’. In Ness, I (ed) International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest. Wiley-Blackwell.
    • (2007) ‘Den islamiska fundamentalismens rötter’ (Roots of Islamic Fundamentalism). Tidsignal. No 7. 2007.
    Book Chapters:
    • (2019) ‘From Overdeveloped State to Praetorian Pakistan: Tracing the Media's Transformation’. In Zaidi, A and McCartney, M (eds)  New Perspectives on Pakistan’s Political Economy: State, Class and Social Change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming.
    • (2019) ‘India as Soft Power’. In Ranjan, A (eds) India in South Asia: Challenges and Management. Singapore: Springer. 
    • (2018) “Kashmir as Partition’s ‘Unfinished Agenda’”. In Ranjan, A (ed) Partition of India: Postcolonial Legacies. New Delhi: Routledge India, pp 193-208.


    • Cannon, J P (2004) Socialism Ka Muqadima. An Urdu translation of Cannon, J P (1999) Socialism on Trial. Sydney: Resistance Books
    • Ali, T (2005) Bunyadparation ka Tasadum. Lahore: Jeddojuhad Publications. An Urdu translation of Ali, T (2003) Clash of Fundamentalisms. London: Verso
    • Ali, T (2006) Bush Babul Mai’N. Lahore: Jeddojuhad Publications. An Urdu translation of 
    • Ali, T (2006) Bush in Babylon. London: Verso 
    • Ali, T (2008) Purzay Hoay Paima’Nkitnay. Lahore: Good Books. An Urdu translation of Ali, T (2010) The Duel. London: Verso
    • Socialism say mukalma [A Dailogue With Socialism] (2000). Struggle publications: Lahore
    • Rise of Political Islam (2004). Struggle publications. Lahore
    • Gard-e-Safar (2010). Goodbooks: Lahore
    • A Letter to Osama (2010). Struggle Publications: Lahore
    • Manto az alam-e- Bala [Manto from Heavens] (2010). Goodbooks: Lahore


    Email Address: farooq.sulehria@bnu.edu.pk

  • Dr. Qamar-ud-din Zia Ghaznavi
    Assistant Professor

    • PhD in Media Studies
    • Masters in Mass Communication, Philosophy, Political Science, Punjabi, History and Pakistan Studies

    Dr. Qamar-ud-din Zia Ghaznavi holds a PhD in Media Studies and has 16 years experience of professional journalism. Apart from Mass Communication, he has done Masters in Philosophy, Political Science, Punjabi, History and Pakistan Studies. Previously, he was working as the Head of Print Media and In-charge PhD Programme at University of Central Punjab (UCP).

  • Werdah Munib
    Assistant Professor

    • M.Phil Mass Communication (Gold Medalist), Beaconhouse National University
    • BS Hons (Deans Honors list), Kinnaird College for Women

    With over 11 years of dedicated service in the field of academia, Werdah Munib is a distinguished Assistant Professor at the School of Media & Mass Communication, BNU where she has consistently exhibited her commitment to education, research and community engagement. She has contributed to leading dailies like ‘The News’ and ‘Daily times’ for some time and later on pursued her career in academia. She has actively participated in various scholarly events, some of which includes; International UNESCO Conference, research workshops organized by Office of Research, Innovation & commercialization (ORTC),at FCCU and International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities at Kinnaird College. Her commitment to academic excellence extends to her role in supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students in their thesis and project work. Beyond her academic contributions she is a passionate advocate for societal progress. She has worked hand in hand with the Active citizen program by the British council and Youth Parliamentary School under UNDP. She believes in the power of education beyond the classroom that can help bring about a positive societal change thus transforming students into responsible global citizens.

  • Dr. Zeeshan Zaighum
    Assistant Professor

    • PhD Mass Communication

    Dr. Zeeshan Zaighum is a PhD in the field of Media & Mass Communication, and specialized study in the Strategic Communication & Fifth-Generation Hybrid Warfare. He holds 10 years’ experience of teaching at MPhil, MS, and BS levels. Dr. Zeeshan has supervised 50+ research theses and projects in the fields of strategic communication, media, diplomacy, and digital media. Dr. Zeeshan is an alumnus of NDU Islamabad for the NMW-9 program. He has been instrumental in designing and teaching Strategic Communication workshops including Fifth Generation Hybrid Warfare for Federal Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

  • Haris Badar
    Assistant Professor

    • MA International Journalism (Bournemouth University, UK)
    • BA (Hons.) Accounting & Finance (Bournemouth University, UK)

    Freelance journalist, content writer/creator and an entrepreneur. Harris Badar has worked as Financial Analyst at Mott MacDonald. During his time in England, he worked for a news organization “The Breaker” as reporter and feature writer. After returning from England, he contributed for “The News” for some time and later on pursued his career in academia. Harris Badar taught at Lahore School of Economics for few years. Currently, he is overseeing different business ventures and teaching in SMC department at BNU.

  • Misha Mirza
    Assistant Professor

    • M.A Communication Design - University of Salford, UK
    • BCA - Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi

    Misha Mirza is a communication designer and a freelancer. Her work focuses on design for social change and developing eco-friendly products. She has not only worked on various briefs by multinationals but has also been creating experimental design on self-initiated projects, exploring mediums.

  • Muhammad Nasir Ali Mazari
    Assistant Professor

    • MS Film & Television, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore (Project Distinction)
    • MA Television & Film, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore (Gold Medal)

    Profile: Nasir has more than ten years teaching experience as a full-time faculty member. He did his Masters in Television and Film in 2011 with Gold Medal and started his career from TFT, BNU as Lecturer. He completed his MS in Film and Television in 2018 with Project Distinction. In 2020, he left BNU and joined Faculty of Media and Mass Communication, UCP as Assistant Professor and worked there for almost two and a half years. Nasir rejoined TFT, BNU as Assistant Professor in September 2022. He has over 12 years’ practical experience as Documentary Filmmaker and Voice Artist. His Short film “Saugandhi” won the National Award in FILUMS 2012. His Documentary “Khaak” got official selection in India’s most prestigious Festival Dada Saheb Phalke. He has worked as Local Cinematographer in the Documentary “One Day On Earth” by American Director Kyle Riddick. Nasir also worked with Tamil British Singer Susheela Raman and directed a Documentary “The Language of Love”.

    Email: nasir.ali@bnu.edu.pk

  • Sarmed Ibrahim Cheema
    Senior Lecturer

    Mr. Sarmad has a Masters in Directing Film & Television from Bournemouth University, UK. He owns and runs a creative agency and is a program producer and RJ at FM-103. He has served as faculty at University of Lahore and Institute of Arts and Culture.

    Email: sarmed.cheema@bnu.edu.pk

  • Usman Rana

    Mr. Usman has a Masters in Music from University of Punjab preceded by Bachelors in Musicology from the National College of Arts. He owns and runs a music agency providing commercial services of sound design and music production. He has been associated with BNU as a member of the visiting faculty and has also taught at the University of Punjab.

    Email: muhammad.usman@bnu.edu.pk

  • Warda Shah

    • MS Public Relations & Advertising (Gold Medalist)
    • Former Media Manager PMC (Pak Media Communications)
    • Former Account Manager at Starcrest.
    • Former Associate Manager at FilmWorld

    Warda Shah is an Advertising and PR practitioner and academician, utilizing her learnings and expertise to inspire the aspiring future professionals. Outside the classroom, she is an enthusiast who believes in constant learning, agility, exploration, and data-driven decision making. She also keeps deep interests in the power of third-party validation and endorsements in the field of marketing. Her journey from the corporate world to academia has enriched her perspective, and has made her lectures more engaging and practical.

Teaching Assistant

  • Syed Ali Hussain
    Teaching Assistant

    • MS Public Relation & Advertising, BNU
    • Email: syed.ali@bnu.edu.pk
    • Ext number: 657
  • Mazhar Hussain
    Teaching Assistant

    • BA (Hons) in Social Sciences with major in Media Studies, BNU
    • Email: mazhar.hussain@bnu.edu.pk
    • Ext number: 664
  • Sidra Sardar
    Teaching Assistant

    • BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology
    • Email: sidra.sardar@bnu.edu.pk
    • Ext number 315
  • Hina Azam
    Teaching Assistant

    • MA Urdu
    • Email: hina.azeem@bnu.edu.pk
    • Ext number 610

Administrative Staff

  • Yasir Sharif
    Academic Coordinator SMC JOR

    • MS Public Relations and Advertising, BNU
    • Email: academiccd1.journalism@bnu.edu.pk
  • Farina Nabil
    Academic Coordinator SMC JOR

    • BA (Hons) in Social Sciences with major in Media Studies, BNU
    • Email: academiccd2.journalism@bnu.edu.pk

  • Iram Taj
    Academic Coordinator TFT (BA Program)

    • MPhil in Human Resources Management
    • Email: iram.taj@bnu.edu.pk

  • Shaheen Nazhar
    Academic Coordinator TFT (MS Program)

    • MBA in Human Resource Management

Supporting Staff

  • Shehzad Raza

    • Equipment & Editing Lab In-charge
  • Muhammad Rashid

    • Tech. In-charge/Lab Coordinator
  • Muhammad Mushtaq Amir

    • Lab Assistant
  • Anjum Nawaz

    • Control Room Operator/Studio Supervisor (TFT)
  • Azeem Danish

    • Music Studio In-charge (TFT)
  • Rafique Ahmad

    • Video Lab In-charge (TFT)

Adjunct Faculty

  • Shahid Malik

    • Broadcaster BBC Urdu
  • Mubashir Bukhari

    • Senior Journalist
    • Editor at Reuters

    He is a senior journalist working in the field for the last two decades. Bukhari is a specialist in reporting and researching militancy and militant groups in Pakistan including Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. He has also co- authored the book, “Arabs in Afghan Jihad”. His work on militancy has been printed in various national and international publications.
    He has also been involved in training the journalists for accountability and ethic based reporting. He was a founding member and joint director of Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), a think tank that provides an in-depth analysis of regional and global issues relating to peace building.
    He taught journalism at the School of Media and Communication, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore for five years. Bukhari has worked with various national and international print and electronic media organizations including Reuters, UPI, Weekly Asia360 (Singapore), The Mirror (UK), SBS (Australia). He has also worked with Geo News, The Friday Times, Daily Times, The Frontier Post, the Sun and The Nation in Pakistan.

  • Sameea Jamil

    • Chairperson, Department of Journalism, Government College for Women, Gulberg, Lahore
    • MPhil Mass communication and PHD Coursework in Mass communication

    Sameea Jamil has done MPhil Mass communication and PHD Coursework in Mass communication with specialization in International Communication. She is teaching since 1992 in Kinnaird collage and since 2006 in BNU. She started her career from Kinnaird collage developing curriculum for Undergrad and Masters Programs. For the very first time a curriculum was designed for hands-on training.
    She is strengthening Journalism Education in South Asia involving five south Asian countries i.e. INDIA, PAKISTAN, NEPAL, SIRILANKA and BANGLADESH. She also participated in regional conferences in United States related to the subject.

  • Zaeem Yaqoob

    • Executive Director, Student Affairs & External Relations, Beaconhouse National University


    Zaeem Yaqoob Khan is an academic, marketer and Higher Education manager with over 17 years of experience in Pakistan serving different roles in the HE sector. Besides earning graduate certificates in Total Quality Management and Video Productions, he has graduate degrees in Computer Science and Development Studies (Development, Technology and Policy) with graduate credentials in Data Economics and Development Policy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.
    He is working at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in the capacity of Executive Director of Student Affairs & External Relations.
    Zaeem is the 2012 Fellow of the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) by the US Department of State and has done advocacy, research and training projects with the World Bank Group, German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ), The Danish Centre for Culture and Development (CKU) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Pakistan.
    He has taught and supervised projects and theses both at the undergraduate and graduate levels at University of the Punjab, University of Engineering & Technology, National College of Arts, University of Central Punjab and Beaconhouse National University.
    His areas of research interest are entrepreneurship, creative and cultural industries, freedom of information and citizen engagement.

Visiting Faculty

  • Dr. Asghar Nadeem Syed

    • Pakistani drama serial writer and columnist for newspapers
    • Media Consultant at Pakistan Television
    • Board of Governors of Pakistan Academy of Letters, an institution of Pakistani scholars and writers
    • Director Lahore Museum
  • Mr. Hasan Zuberi

    • MBA (Marketing) – Muhammad Ali Jinnah University
    • NMW-9 – National Defense University, Islamabad
    • FBICC – Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surbaya Indonesia

    Hasan is an experienced Communications & Public Relations professional enriched with an MBA degree and over 20 years of experience in Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, and the UAE.

    Currently Hasan is managing Momentum PR, a full-service consultancy, as its CEO and Country Consultant.

    Starting an early career, Hasan had the opportunity to serve some of the top names in their respective industry that includes: TEC-Microsoft Certified Training Center, Asiatic PR (Hill+Knowlton Inc), Aaj TV, Imation Singapore; SAHARA Communications UAE, among others. Hasan has also served as the Editor Coca-Cola Internal News Digest with direct daily reporting to Coca-Cola HQ in Atlanta, Europe Division in London, and EAG Group in Istanbul.

    He is the Founder President Council of Public Relations Pakistan, a member of International Public Relations Association (IPRA); Associate of Middle East PR Association (MEPRA); South Asia Communications Council; Global Alliance for PR & Communications Management, and the prestigious Karachi Press Club.

    Hasan also holds the title of Chairman Pakistan Mensa (the International high IQ Society).

  • Dr. Zaeem Yasin

    • Assistant Professor, Mass Communication University, LCWU
  • Mian Jawed

    • Senior Producer, 92 News HD, Express TV, Capital TV
    • Council Member, Lahore Press Club and Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PUFJ)
    • PhD in Communication Studies, Punjab University (on-going)

    Being a professional media director and trainer, Muhammad Jawed Aslam has planned executed and implemented good scores of TV programs including interactive talk shows, documentaries, reports, special transmissions and management functionaries in different leading news and current affairs channels of Pakistan throughout 17 years of broadcast career. He has worked with international agencies like UNICEF and ILO to produce and direct special documentaries for national days of Pakistan.
    He received a TV production certificate from IPTAR Malaysia, a joint venture of Malaysian RTM and National Geographic Team, and got training on international pattern of designing and producing TV programming & documentaries. In 2011, He was selected for the coverage of International Shell ECO-Marathon event in Malaysia and covered one week media activities with international journalists.
    He has been attached with Daily Khabrain, Kissan Time(PTV World), AAJ TV, VUTV, Express News, Capital TV and 92 channel. He was extensively in practice to develop FPC, fix point chart, team development structure, training modules and selection procedures criterion.
    As a media trainer, he has delivered practical training workshop to TV reporters as he has good knowledge of both studio and outdoor productions.
    He has almost completed his PhD in communication studies from Punjab University, waiting for the final viva session. He has earned MPhil degree in Political Science and Master Degree in Mass Communication from Punjab University Lahore with distinction. His areas of research are Mass Media and Public Policy Making.
    He has also launched Pakistan’s 1st digital newspaper V Paper as project head. His areas of interest include media management, media sociology, broadcast journalism, documentary direction, political communication and public policy, and mass media. He is currently working on two books related to Digital TV Production and Documentary Making. He is a council member of Lahore Press Club and Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PUFJ).

  • Mohammad Akbar Bajwa

    • Senior Anchorperson Public News
  • Rameez Khan

    • Senior Political Reporter, Tribune Newspaper
  • Baber Ali

    • General Manager, Virtual University Television Network
    • PhD Candidate
    • Online Training Expert for Dig skills, A Project of Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication
    • Training in Digital Video Production from Japan
    • Training in Documentary Film making from Malaysia
    • Training in News Reporting and Production from Germany
    • Over 20 years experience in Media in various capacities from Associate Director to Executive Producer
    • Educational Technologist and contemporary media evangelist.
  • Amjad Hussain

    • Former PCB Media Director
  • Afrose Ghani

    • Professional Photographer
  • Umar Younas

    • CEO, Trends and Tricks
  • Zenab Ali

    • Founder, Rack Couture
    • MSc in International Development, University of Birmingham.
  • Momina Malik

    • International Business Development & Marketing Officer, Growex Digital Agency
  • Raza Tirmizi

    • Creative Manager, Hadiqa Kiani Salon
  • Zoya Humza

    • Founder/Director, SHE
  • Salman Fayyaz

    • Lead Corporate Brand and Product Marketing, Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF)
  • Umar Malik

    • Media Professional
    • 14 years experience in field of Media Industry
    • Working as C.E.O of Creative Productions (Production House)
    • Pioneer team member of Channel 92
    • 5 years work experience as producer, senior producer, executive producer, infotainment Head and Head of Election Cell in General Election 2018.
    • 4 years experience in Samma TV as director and producer
    • 5 years experience in Dunya TV as associate director and producer.
  • Muhammad Atif

    • Marketing Communication Professional
    • MA Mass Communication, Beaconhouse National University

    Muhammad Atif is a marketing communication professional with experience of working with top global brands. He holds a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from BNU and has 10-years’ experience in communication industry.
    His expertise areas are corporate communication, marketing communication, crisis management, corporate social responsibility, campaign planning and public relations.He teaches digital communication and PR.

  • Shahab Khalil

    • Film Director, Media Professional, Professional Photographer
  • Omer Azeem

    • Strategy & New Business Consultant
  • Seemi Raheal

    • TV and Film Artist
    • Social Activist
    • Entrepreneur
    • Academician
    • Trainer

    Simi Raheal is a veteran TV and Film artist who has to her credit countless famous TV Serials including Landa Bazar, Daastan, Maan, Dur-e-Shehwar, Manchaley, Najiya, Woh Ishq etc. She has also worked in films such as Films Khuda K liye and Mein hoon Shahid Afridi. Besides her acting commitments, she is a social activist, entrepreneur, academician and trainer on the areas of gender, media and communications.

  • Feryal Ali Gauhar

    • TV & Film Artist / Social Activist, Academician & Trainer
  • Kawal Khoosat

    • Director, Producer, Writer, Art Director, Academic
    • Co-Founder and Executive Director, OLOMOPOLO Media
  • Sobia Zaidi

    • MFA in Acting - HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, NL
  • Muhammad Ali

    • DoP - Visual Prophecy
    • Master in Film & TV, Beaconhouse National University
  • Iram Sana

    • Theatre Director, Set Designer
  • Adnan Jahngir

    • Kathak Exponent & Choreographer
    • Graduated in Communication Design from National College of Arts
  • Afrin Hussain

    • BA (Hons.) Media (Film & Video) - University of Westminster, UK
  • Gillian Rhodes

    • Choreographer & Performer
  • Rakae Jamil

    • Musicologist, Sitar Player
  • Salman Nafess

    • Editor and Videographer
  • Hisham Bin Munawar

    • Filmmaker, Writer
  • Rija Kashif

    • Special Effect Make-up Artist
  • Binish Khan

    • Textile Designer
    • MPHIL in Film Television and Theatre
    • BS.Hons in Textiles and Fibre Art Design
  • Bushra Sultan

    • A Filmmaker / Creative Direction / Concept Designer
    • Bachelor in Film and Television - NCA
  • Mian Muhammad Nasir Mazher

    • An Imagineer Artist with Expertise in Film Making and 3D Animation.
  • Nirvaan Nadeem

    • Theatre Director / Actor and also continues associated with Ajoka Theater
  • Shahrukh Naveed

    • Director / Writer / Cinematographer
  • Yasir Javed Dogar

    • Graphic Designer
  • Amar Ali

    • Film Animator
    • CEO – Hybrid Imaging
  • Mehvish Mumtaz

  • Salman Paracha

  • Ahsan Farooq

  • Bilal Razzaq

  • Nosharwhan Adil

  • Touseef Javed

  • Javeria Khadim

  • Hammad Hasan

  • Fahad Zahid

  • Abbas Rasheed

  • Midhat Yaseen

  • Zain Shahid

  • Unza Shahid

  • Amna Ali

  • Sheraz Hasnat

  • Zohaib Butt

  • Syed Hafiz Muhammad Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din

    • Poet, Writer, Voice-over Artist
The Beaconhouse Group
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