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The School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC) at the Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is dedicated to the proposition that the free flow of ideas is vital for the development and improvement of modern democratic societies. The School attempts to establish a center of excellence focused upon teaching, research and service in the study and professional practice of human communication.

The new educational concern with media appears to be born of a convergence of ideas and changes. The range of alternative and overlapping sources of information and entertainment, instruction and art is more extensive than ever before. This Cultural Revolution brought about by new technologies and changing social and leisure patterns takes on an added force in education.

The School stresses the need for:

  • A core liberal arts education, to promote an understanding of diverse cultural foundations while stimulating social responsibility
  • Critical thinking, creativity and personal integrity
  • Detailed research, lucid writing skills and a mastery of mass communication and media in a global information age
  • The belief that learning is a lifelong pursuit and that the communication process is one endless enquiry and discovery.

Journalism is becoming increasingly complex in this rapidly changing world and journalists have to analyze and explain the events that affect the country and the world. Preparation for such a formidable responsibility requires not just technical and professional skills but also an intellectual curiosity about the world. The School of Media and Mass Communication prepares students for such challenges. Our graduates can become journalists, writers, reporters, editors and producers for newspapers, magazines, radio and television. From working in newsrooms to working in multi-media outlets, they can showcase their knowledge and skills through a variety of platforms. An opportunity is provided to study journalism in its broadest aspects, i.e. its history and literature, its laws, regulations and ethics; its traditional role as a motivator and critic of government in a dynamic, democratic society; and its total effect as a social and economic institution.

  • Department of Theatre, Film and Television (TFT)

    One of the major highlights of SMC is its Department of Theatre, Film and Television (TFT). Through this department, BNU has provided a platform to those talented individuals who aspire to make their mark in mainstream TV production, Theatre and Film as writers, directors, producers, actors and technicians.

  • Our Missions and Goals

    Mass communication and journalism play a pivotal role in the development of a state. As instruments of public opinion, media interpret culture, its values that bind the society together and transmit information and knowledge that contribute to the development of a free society. Given this role of media, the School of Media and Mass Communication aims to:

    • Disseminate information and ideas that enable students to fulfill their responsibilities in a democratic, pluralistic society
    • Prepare professionals in the field of media and mass communication who are able to exercise their freedom with a conscious awareness of the constitutional rights of citizens as enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    • Equip students with the required tools and skills to cope with the innovations taking place in international media and prepare them for the challenges thrown up by the information age

    At the School students are trained to become:

    • Journalists who work towards enlightenment and moderation within their society
    • Skilled professionals who can use electronic and print media with equal ease
    • Disciplined and ethical professionals accountable for their performance
  • Why Choose School of Media and Mass Communication?

    There is a great demand of trained journalists in the media industry of Pakistan. The boom of private television channels in the first decade of 2000’s created a rather unusual scenario for us where issues such as lack of journalistic ethics, abundance of untrained and unskilled journalists, and dearth of production related professionals became a matter of concern for everyone. The School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC) at Beaconhouse National University is trying to address these issues by providing proper training to the students of journalism and by producing skilled writers and technicians in the fields of theatre, film and television.

    SMC features top notch facilities for students. There is a high-end production unit that contains all necessary equipment for training students in television production, ad, documentary and film making. With its custom-designed studios, labs, and other related educational facilities, SMC stands as one of the most equipped media education institute in Pakistan.

    One of the key attractions of School of Media and Mass Communication is its faculty that includes renowned professionals from the world of journalism, Television and films.

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