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    All fields of liberal arts and social sciences have been the ground of independent thought and the wellspring of creative urges, aspiring toward the ‘ideal’ which is at the root of all innovation. Department of Liberal Arts (DLA) in SLASS is committed to this idea that understanding literature, history, philosophy, culture and society helps students understand and thrive in the world beyond the campus. DLA, therefore, ensures that all graduating students are trained in the traditional disciplines; able to communicate effectively and prepared to work in a multicultural global environment.

    We believe that all disciplines ultimately rest on an understanding of a liberal arts foundation. So, in order to better equip students for the real world, we take credit for serving the entire university in providing a range of elective courses. Our students also have the added advantage of benefitting from various other technical and vocational disciplines offered by the university that enrich their educational experience and prepare them for a technologically-driven community.

    Since the founding of the BNU in 2003, the Department of Liberal Arts has been providing a world-class, broad-based, inter-disciplinary liberal arts foundation to all students. The department offers electives related to literature, culture, politics, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy. DLA is perhaps one of the first institutions in Pakistan to introduce a unique Bachelors level degree program in Liberal Arts. Apart from this, the department offers degree program in English Literature and Cultural Studies.

    BA (Hons) in Liberal Studies

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