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BS in Liberal Arts & Social Sciences with Specialization in Literature

Program Overview

Areas: Literary Criticism, Comparative Literature, Genre Studies, Postcolonial Literature, Literary Theory, Cultural Studies, Modern and Contemporary Literature, World Literature, Gender and Literature, Creative Writing.

Duration: 4 years, 8 semesters

Credits: 133

Career Paths: Book Editor, Content Editor, Literary Agent, Publishing Assistant, Teacher or Professor, Journalist, Content Writer, Museum Curator, Archivist Librarian, Research Analyst, Communications Specialist, Grant Writer, Social Media Manager, Blogger/Content Creator, PR Specialist Media Relations Coordinator, Corporate Communications Specialist, Speechwriter, Market Research Analyst, Policy Analyst, Freelance Writer, Literary Consultant Cultural Affairs Officer, Public Information Officer, Employee Communications Specialist, Scriptwriter, Story Consultant

  • Program Description

    The Department of Social Sciences at BNU invites you to embark on an inspiring intellectual journey with our redefined Bachelor of Science (BS) program in Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, specializing in Literature. Rooted in the principles of liberal arts, this program offers a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum designed to cultivate critical thinking, analytical prowess, and a nuanced understanding of literary expression.

    Our program immerses students in the rich tapestry of literature, exploring diverse genres, periods, and cultures. From literary criticism to comparative literature, students delve into the profound impact of written expression on society, fostering a deep appreciation for the power of words. In addition to core courses in Literature, students benefit from an interdisciplinary approach, engaging with elective offerings in related fields such as cultural studies, history, and gender studies. This interdisciplinary exploration enriches the understanding of literature as a reflection and shaper of societal narratives.

    Led by accomplished scholars and practitioners in the literary domain, our faculty ensures a stimulating learning environment. Students are guided through a curriculum that encourages critical engagement, creative expression, and a comprehensive grasp of the diverse facets of literature. Our pedagogical ethos empowers students to think independently and critically, fostering intellectual autonomy. The program seamlessly integrates global perspectives with local contexts, preparing students to navigate the complexities of a globalized literary landscape.

    As part of the BNU community, students can tap into elective courses from various schools, expanding their horizons with offerings from disciplines such as law, business, and journalism. This enriching academic tapestry ensures a well-rounded educational experience. Upon graduation, students are well-equipped for diverse career paths, including roles in editorial, publishing, education, media, and cultural organizations. The program serves as a foundational step for those aiming to pursue advanced studies or embark on careers in literature, research, and creative writing.

    We invite you to join us on a transformative journey of learning, exploration, and self-discovery. Discover not only the beauty of literature but also the power to influence and shape the narratives of our shared humanity. Welcome to a program that nurtures not just academic excellence but a lifelong passion for literature.

  • Admission Requirement

    • To be eligible for admission to undergraduate program in Liberal Studies, a candidate must satisfy any one of the following requirements
      • FA / F.Sc with at least 2nd division (i.e. 495 marks)
      • O-levels (in at least 8 subjects) and 3 A-levels. Advanced Subsidiary (AS) will not be taken into account
      • High School Diploma and International Baccalaureate (IB) result with at least 2.5 CGPA and equivalence certificate from IBCC
    • Admission Test
    • Interview


    Students awaiting their FA/ F.Sc/A-Level results may apply for admission at BNU. Selected candidates will be granted provisional admission only, which may be regularized after they have been declared successful and meet the admission requirements of the university.

  • Courses

    This re-defined degree program trains students in critical and humanist disciplines like sociology, politics, history, economics, basic sciences and literature thereby equipping them to be much better positioned to play productive and constructive roles in the marketplace.

    • Semester I

      Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs.
      Academic Writing DLA-110 3
      Introduction to World History DLA-247 3
      Introduction to Social Anthropology   DLA-143 3
      Introduction to Social Thought  DLA-223 3
      Pakistan Studies SLA-102 2
      Islamic Studies  SLA-103 2
        Total 16
    • Semester 2

      Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs.
      Communication Skills
      Introduction to Political Thought DLA-109 3
      Introduction to Philosophy  DLA-235 3
      Introduction to World Literature  DLA-170 3
      Transnational Media and Popular Culture DLA-249 3
      Computer Literacy  CES-100 3
        Total 18
    • Semester 3

      Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs.
      Introduction to Punjabi/Urdu Literature DLA-222 3
      Mass Media: Local, National & Global  DLA-252 3
      Anthropology of Religion 
      Non-DLA Elective
      The British Empire in India 1857 - 1947 DLA-362 3
        Total 15
    • Semester 4

      Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs.
      Introduction to International Relations 
      Introduction to Modern Literature
      Globalization: Politics, Economics, Culture DLA-335 3
      Problems of Development in Pakistan/ Debt & Development DLA-367 3
        Total 15
    • Semester 5

      Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs.
      History & Politics of Pakistan DLA-362 3
      Opinion & Editorial Writing  DLA-253 3
      Introduction to Literary Theory DLA-301 3
      South Asian Cities DLA-232 3
      Non-DLA Elective 
        Total 15
    • Semester 6

      Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs.
      Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies DLA-194 3
      Pakistani Literature DLA-290 3
      Self, World, God DLA-322 3
      Ancient Civilization DLA-238 3
      War Literature DLA-364 3
      Non-DLA Elective
        Total 18
    • Semester 7

      Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs.
      Research Methodology  DLA-400 3
      Partition Literature DLA-345 3
      Non-DLA Elective
      Issues in Critical Theory
      Women and home and the Nation: Readings in South Asian Literature DLA-343 3
      Researching Urbanization; The Case of Lahore DLA-403
        Total 18
    • Semester 8

      Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs.
      Thesis DLA-490 6
      Non-DLA Elective
      Postcolonial Literature DLA-512 3
      History of the Modern World   3
      Fantasy/Magical Realism  DLA-349 3
        Total 18
    • Literature Majors

      Course Title

    The department reserves the right to replace, cancel, and/or change the sequence of courses depending on enrolment and faculty availability.

  • Degree Requirement

    Degree requirements for this program include successful completion of 133 credit hours of course work including research methods and/or thesis.


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