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It is widely acknowledged that the relationship between the liberal arts and the social sciences is and should be the relationship of symbiosis and complement. At the Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS), we have designed programs that exemplify this symbiosis so that our students received a well-rounded education in a myriad of subjects while simultaneously being well-grounded and rooted in their chosen disciplines.

The Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS) offers BA (Hons.) in Social Sciences with Major in Liberal Studies which is a one-of-its-kind Bachelors degree that offers a diverse and comprehensive approach to respond to the cultural, economic, political and institutional challenges of the country with courses on literature, history, sociology, philosophy, politics and critical theory.

  • Our Missions and Goals

    Conforming to the vision of BNU as a Liberal Arts institution, Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences strives to disseminate quality education and make significant research contribution on the most pressing socio-economic issues at the local and national level. It also aspires to prevent brain drain in the country by offering higher quality education and making Liberal Arts an important academic priority at BNU besides expanding its solid base in the discipline to offer diversified concentrations and electives for students in other schools.

  • Our Faculty

    Headed by well-known academician Prof. Dr. Tariq Rahman, SLASS features highly qualified faculty including some foreign qualified faculty members. We have a strong belief in continuous professional development of our faculty. Our teaching philosophy is to provide students with an ideal basis to cultivate rational thought and intellectual capabilities.

  • Why Choose SLASS?

    Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is one of those few institutions that offers a broad-based degree ( BA (Hons.) in Liberal Studies).We constantly update our courses as we are conscious to ensure relevance and application of our course contents in the practical world.

    The Department of Liberal Arts aims to provide a comprehensive education that prepares its students for work in the public sector, non-governmental and non-profit sectors, media & arts, research & development and academia. Our graduates are provided with hands on experience on research and real world issues so that they can serve the nation and make an impact through the professions they choose.

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