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Education is the single most important factor for the development and maintenance of human civilization. It is only the creation and dissemination of knowledge which creates that constellation of ideas---scientific, technological, societal, business etc-----which makes it possible for human beings to dominate the natural world and organize society. Language, of course, is at the center of this process of the creation and dissemination of knowledge. It extends human memory and makes it possible to keep records and expand the horizon of ideas.

At BNU, the School of Education concentrates upon both these significant aspects of the human academic endeavor: education and language learning. Those who specialize in these broad disciplines can empower themselves by enhancing a number of skills which may lead them both towards theory and practice. They may make a mark upon the world by becoming published scholars and academics in the great universities of the world. Alternatively, they may contribute to the dissemination of knowledge by teaching in schools, colleges and universities. They may also become administrators of educational institutions and trainers of teachers. BNU is the major training institution for the Beaconhouse schools in particular and educationists all over the country in general. As such it is our privilege in SE to offer our students a professional, efficient and caring learning atmosphere. The Heads of Departments, faculty, staff and I myself will always be available to facilitate each other, and especially our students, to make the process of learning an enjoyable and empowering experience.

Dr. Tariq Rahman

Acting Dean & Professor, SE

School of Education (SE)

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Dr. Tariq Rahman

Acting Dean & Professor, School of Education (SE)

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