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M. Phil Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Program Overview

Areas: Linguistics, Language Assessment and Evaluation, Curriculum Development, Teaching methods and innovation, Research

Duration: 2 years, 4 semesters

Credits: 33

Career Paths: Curriculum development consultant, English Language instructor, Business English instructor, textbook author, translator, researcher

  • Program Description

    This program is designed for practicing English language teachers who wish to enhance their professional development by upgrading their professional qualifications. The program builds on students’ teaching experience and previous knowledge to develop their systematic understanding and critical awareness of the current trends and debates in ELT pedagogy. It also enhances their knowledge of a range of research traditions, methods and techniques relevant to their academic and professional development. The successful completion of M. Phil may lead the students to a PhD degree.

  • Admission Requirement

    MA graduates in TESOL, ELM and Education as well as related disciplines with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 are eligible to apply for M. Phil in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. To qualify for Phd in future, the student must achieve a CGPA of 3.0. The candidate must fulfill all other MS/M.Phil requirements as directed by BNU Admission Office.

    A candidate seeking admission to the MS / M.Phil Educational Leadership and Management must have to clear the NTS (General test) and BNU – SE interview.

  • Courses

    • Year One (Fall Semester)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.
      LIN 7101 Introduction to Linguistics 3
      SL 7113 Curriculum Development 3
      SL 7123 Psychology of Language Classroom Practices 3
        Total 9
    • Year One (Spring Semester)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.
      SL 7223 English for Specific Purposes 3
      SL 7213 Language Assessment and Evaluation 3
      SE 7301 Quantitative Research Methodology 3
        Total 9
    • Year Two (Fall Semester)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.
      SE 7302 Qualitative Research Methodology 3
      SL 7323 Writing for Research and Publications 3
        Total 6
    • Year Two (Spring Semester)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.
      SL 7409 Dissertation 9
        Total 9
  • Degree Requirement

    Successful completion of credit hours and dissertation

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