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BS (Hons.) in Education and Language Studies (Shelved)

Program Overview

Areas: Basic Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Linguistic History, English Literature, Theories of Education, English Language Teaching, Testing, Classroom Management.

Duration: 4 years, 8 semesters

Credits: 131

Career Paths: Educational management, school/college/university leadership, consultancy, teaching, research

  • Program Description

    The program is designed to meet the increasing needs of educational professionals involved in teaching, educational administration and research. The school is equipped with updated resources to help the students cope with the demands of advanced courses of study. 

  • Admission Requirement

    To be eligible for admission to BS (Hons.) in Education and Language Studies a candidate must satisfy the following requirements: -

    • Educational Criteria
      • FA/FSc with at least 2nd division (i.e. 495 marks).
      • O-levels (in at least 6 subjects) and 3 A-levels. Advanced Subsidiary (AS) will not be taken into account.
      • High School Diploma and International Baccalaureate (IB) result with at least 2.5 CGPA
      • Equivalence certificate from IBCC IBCC for all international qualifications i.e. O-Levels/A-Levels, High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate etc.

      Students awaiting their FA/FSc/A-Level results may apply for admission at BNU. Selected candidates will be granted provisional admission only, which may be regularized after they have been declared successful and meet the admission requirements of the university.

    • Written / aptitude test
    • Interview
  • Courses

    • Year One (Semester 1)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.

      Intro to Computer 2

      English 1 3

      Philosophical Foundations of Education 3
        Intro to Linguistics 
        General Course I
        Total 17
    • Year One (Semester 2)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.

      English 2 3

      Islamic Studies 1.5

      Psychological Foundations of Education  3
        Intro to Phonetics
        General Course II 3
        Total 16.5
    • Year Two (Semester 3)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.

      Pakistan Studies 1.5

      EAP 3
        Theories of Learning
        Intro to Semantics 3
        World English
        General Course III 3
        Total 16.5
    • Year Two (Semester 4)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.

      Education in the age of Globalization
        Second language Acquisition
        Inclusive Education 3
        Intro to Morphology and Syntax  3
        General Course IV 3
        General Course V 3
        Total 18
    • Year Three (Semester 5)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.

      International Comparative Education: Theories and Models 

      Curriculum Studies: Design and Development
        Language Teaching Approaches and Methodologies
        Language through Literature

      General Course VI 3
        Total 15
    • Year Three (Semester 6)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.

      Education for Sustainable Development

      Teaching the Four Language Skills

      Gender and Education 3
        Classroom Discourse   3
        General Course VII 3
        Total 15
    • Year Four (Semester 7)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.

      Assessment and Evaluation in Education

      Quantitative Research Methods
        Qualitative Research Methods
        ESP 3
        Early Childhood Education 3
        General Course VIII
        Total 18
    • Year Four (Semester 8)

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs.

      Professional Practice I 3
        Professional Practice II 3
        Research Project 6
        History of Urdu Through Visual and Aural Media  3
        Total  15
  • Degree Requirement

    Successful completion of 131 credit hours of course work along with research project


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