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Since its inception in 2005, BNU’s School of Education (SE) has been preparing educators and educational leaders who can make a difference in the society. The school was established in response to the deeply felt need in Pakistan and the region for improvement in quality of teacher education. Over the years, it has become one of the leading institutions for teacher education in Pakistan. Realizing the potential of education for transforming lives, the School of Education is committed to making a positive contribution to the development of individuals, institutions and society.

The School caters to both in-service and pre-service professionals from both public and private sector institutions. Through the courses and programs, the School reaches a diverse population of trainees from different education sectors and levels.

  • Our Missions and Goals

    We aspire to be the leading faculty of quality education in Pakistan by creating a rich academic and research environment that draws on sound theoretical knowledge, best practices and latest research techniques. The School of Education at Beaconhouse National University will contribute to enhance quality teacher education by providing advanced research, personal and professional development opportunities of the highest academic standards, to ensure that its graduates meet the demands of the 21st Century

  • Our Faculty

    The School of Education has attracted foreign-qualified faculty and well-known academicians over the years such as Dr. Tariq Rahman, Dr. Qaisera Sheikh and other highly qualified faculty members.

  • Facilities

    In the first phase of development (2005-2010), the School of Education has expanded its programs immensely. From a single program offering a Masters in School Administration, SE has successfully succeeded in developing self-sustaining departments and new units. The School of Education currently comprises the following programs and units:

    • Programs of Teacher Education
    • Programs of Educational Leadership & Management
    • Programs of Linguistics
    • Programs of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies
    • Programs of Continuing Education

      The Program of Continuing Education is an en¬deavor to contribute to the professional development of teachers, educators, educational administrators and managers through a wide range of certificate courses in Education, Teaching English as a Second Language and Educational Leadership and Management. Under this program SE has offered the following courses:

      • Advanced Oral Communication
      • Teaching English for Academic Purpose
      • IB Workshops
      • Cognitive Skills for Reflective Practice
      • Teaching English as a Second Language
      • Andragogical and Pedagogical Skills Enhancement


    • English Language Unit

      The English Language Unit was established in response to a deeply felt need for improving the quality and brining a consistency to the different language development courses being offered across the university. In the 21st meeting of Academic Quality Assurance - BNU in September 2009 the committee members recommended that the English Language Unit be housed in the School of Education. The recommendation was made keeping in view the expertise SE faculty have in the areas of English Language Teaching, Teaching English as Second Language and Teaching English as Foreign Language.

      The goal of the English Language Unit (ELU) is to provide students an intensive academic experience by equipping them with language and study skills essential for academic success. The courses aim to equip students with the language skills necessary to study successfully through the medium of English. The courses also acclimatize students from diverse backgrounds to the culture and practice of studying in a University, so that they are in a position to gain maximum benefit from their degree course.

      ELU offers the following courses:

      • Foundation English (3 credit hours)
      • Communication Skills I (3 credit hours)
      • Communication Skills II (3 credit hours)
    • Research Unit

      The objectives of the SE research unit are to:

      • Develop a sustainable research culture at the School of Education.
      • Develop research capability commensurate with national and international levels of excellence.
      • Function as a forum for the sharing and discussion of ideas, issues and opportunities concerning research.
      • Ensure the continuity between research and professional development.
  • Why Choose School of Education?

    • The School of Education provides an important and much needed platform for students, teachers, administrators, education managers and others in the field of education to interact and discuss pertinent issues in a very friendly, motivating and student-centered learning environment.
    • We offer comprehensive degree programs with flexible timings.
    • We offer two years programs for professionals which are specifically designed to train educators for leadership roles in their respective disciplines.
    • School of Education gives a 50% tuition fee-waiver to its students, thus making education accessible to all.
    • All the programs offered at the School of Education are research-intensive and are based on the philosophy that teacher educators must be engaged in a continual process of inquiry. They are designed keeping in view the challenges of change that individuals, institutions and societies are facing and aim at preparing its students as effective agents of change.
    • The research-led courses offered at SE encourage students to gain insights from research in pedagogy to develop skills and values needed for imparting quality education. The teaching and assessment techniques used by SE encourage experiential learning and problem-solving skills.
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