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BSc (Hons.) in Computer Science (CS)

Program Overview

Area of Specialization: Data Science

Duration: 4 years, 8 semesters

Credits: 130

Career Paths: Computer Scientist, Data Scientist, Game Developer, Software Developer, Database Developer, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Research Scientist, IT Educator

  • Program Description

    In view of the ubiquitous presence of computers in industry, business and everyday life; ICT professionals need to possess an in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software along with their applications. The BSc (Hons) in Computer Science program prepares CS graduates for a variety of careers that require specialized skills for finding computer-based solutions to problems. These careers are based in IT departments of corporate sector or in the software industry. Graduates can pursue advanced degrees in computer science that involve theoretical and applied research.

    The curriculum of the computer science program has been designed keeping in view the recommendations of the HEC Curriculum Revision Committee. The program is spread over 4 years totaling 130 credit hours. In order to succeed, students are expected to devote themselves to a focused study of computer science theory, complemented by intensive lab work

    The program has been issued an NOC by the HEC and is approved by the NCEAC

  • Admission Requirement

    Entry requirement for both programs is at least 50% marks in Intermediate (with Maths as a subject) OR Intermediate (Pre-Medical Group). Students of Intermediate (Pre-Medical Group) will be required to take deficiency courses in Mathematics of 6 Credit hours in their first year of study.
    Equivalent qualifications are acceptable, provided an equivalence certificate is obtained from the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Office. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, admission will be based on past academic record along with video-link interview.

  • Learning Outcomes of BSc (Hons) in Computer Science (CS)

    The learning outcomes of BS (Hons) in CS program are listed below:

    (a) Ability to express a problem in an arithmetic and logical format using applied mathematics, physics and statistics.
    (b) Ability to deploy a solution in user-friendly environment using different computational tools and techniques.
    (c) Ability to apply different algorithmic techniques for enhancing the efficiency of the proposed solution.    

  • Courses 

    Major courses taught in this program include Object oriented programming, Data structures, Study of algorithms, Database systems, Computer organization and assembly, Operating systems, Computer networks, Software engineering for CS, Programming fundamentals, Compiler construction, Parallel and distributed, Information security, Artificial intelligence and Professional ethics.

    • Semester I - Year I

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
       GE Intro to Info. & Comm. Technologies
       GE English Composition & Comprehension
      ELU–103 3 -
       CS-E CS- Elective -I
      CSC-111 3-1 -
       MSF  Calculus & Analytical Geometry MTH-106 3 -
       MSF Applied Physics MTH-105 3 -
       GE Pakistan Studies SLA-102 1.5 -
          Total 17.5 -
    • Semester II - Year I

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
       MSF Probability & Statistics
      MTH-201  -   
       CC Programming Fundamentals
      CSC-115 3-1
       GE Communication & Presentation Skills
      ELU-104 3 ELU-103
       CS-C Digital Logic Design
      CSC-104 3-1 MTH-105
       UE  University Elective-I   3  -
          Total 17  -
    • Semester III - Year II

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
       CC Object Oriented Programming CSC–213 3-1  CSC-115
       CS-S CS-Supporting -I
      MTH-204 3 -
       CC Database Systems
      CSC-202 4  CSC-115
       MSF Linear Algebra MTH-203 3  -
       UE University Elective-II

      3  -
          Total 17  
    • Semester IV - Year II

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
       GE Technical & Business Writing
      ELU-301  ELU-104
       CC Data Structures & Algorithms
      CSC-214 3-1  CSC-213
       CS-C Comp Organization & Assembly Lang.
      CSC-205 3-1 -
       CC Discrete Structures  CSC-105 3  -
       CS-C Theory of Automata CSC-402 2-1  -
          Total 17  
    • Semester V - Year III

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
       CS-C Compiler Construction  CSC-312 2-1  CSC-402
       CC Operating Systems CSC-217 3-1  CSC-213
       CS-C Design & Analysis of Algo.
      CSC-316 3  CSC-214
       CS-E CS-Elective - II (Web System Dev.)
      CSC-215 3  As Adv
       CC Software Engineering for CS
      CSC-320 3  -
          Total 16  
    • Semester VI - Year III

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
       CS-S CS-Supporting-II
      3 -
       CC Computer Networks CSC–209 3-1  -
       GE Professional Practices  HUM-303 3  -
       CS-E CS - Elective - III (Web Engineering)
      CSC-324 3 As Adv
       CS-C Artificial Intelligence   CSC-321 3-1 -
          Total 17  
    • Semester VII - Year IV

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
       CS-C Parallel & Distributed  CSC-407 3  CSC-217
      UE Univ Elective III 

      3  -
      CC Information Security  CSC-305 3  -
      CS-E CS - Elective IV

      3  As Adv
      CC Project Part 1 PRJ-403 3  90 CrHrs
          Total 15  
    • Semester VIII - Year IV

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      CS-S CS-Supporting-III 

      3  -
      CS-E CS-Elective-V
      3  As Adv
       CC Project Part 2 PRJ-404 3  PRJ-403
       UE Univ Elective IV

      3  -
       GE  Islamic Studies  SLA-103 1.5
          Total 13.5  
    • Abbreviations

      Abbreviation Course Type
      CC Computing Core
      GE General Education
      UE University Elective
      MSF Math & Science Foundation
      CS-C CS Core
      CS-E CS Elective
      CS-S CS Supporting
       SE-C  SE Core
       SE-E  SE Elective
       SE-S SE Supporting
    • List of Specialization Courses - CS & SE

      Course Title Elective Type Credit Hrs
      Advanced Statistics  DS 3 (3-0)
      Big Data Analytics DS 3 (2-1)
      Creating Web Content CS/SE 4 (2-2)
      Data Mining DS 3 (2-1)
      Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence DS 3 (2 -1)
      Game Development CS/SE 3 (3-0)
      Human Computer Interaction CS/SE 3 (3-0)
      Introduction to Data Science  DS 3 (2-1)
      Machine Learning DS 3 (2-1)
      Mobile Application Development  CS/SE 3 (3-0)
      Web Systems Development CS/SE 3 (3-0)

      Notes: Other Elective courses may be added to the above list. In order to qualify for award of Major in Data Science (DS), a student must take at least 2 electives courses in DS and execute the Final Year Project from the area of Data Science.

    • University Elective Courses 

      Course Title Credit Hours
      Beginners Arabic 3-0
      E-Commerce Systems 3-0
      Financials for Software Engineering 3-0
      Management for Software Engineering 3-0
      Operations Research 3-0
      Photography  3-0
      Principles of Economics 3-0
      Principles of Marketing 3-0
      Psychology 3-0
      Research and Professional Issues 3-0

      This above list is by no means exhaustive. Student may take up courses offered by other BNU Schools.

    • Notes: -> (3-1) indicates 3 credit hours of Lecture and 1 Credit Hour of Lab Work.
      -> Total Credit hours in the Program are 130 (136 for students belonging to Pre-Medical Group).

  • Degree Requirement

    Successful completion of 130 Credit hours (136 for students belonging to Pre-Medical Group) including project with a minimum CGPA of 2.00.

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