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BSc (Hons) Management and Business Computing (MBC)

Area of Specialization: Artificial Intelligence, IT Management, IT Marketing

Program Overview

Areas: IT, Business, Computing, Management

Duration: 4 years, 8 semesters

Credits: 130

Career Paths:IT Development Manager, IT Product Manager, IT Business Analyst, Operations Manager, IT Projects Manager, IT Researcher

  • Program Description

    The impetus in IT enabled organizations and their adoption of IT to gain competitive advantage, has given rise to the need for skill-based individuals who possess a sound knowledge Information Technology on one hand and the way in which modern organizations work on the other. The BSc (Hons) in Management and Business Computing (MBC) program has been designed to fill this need.

    The MBC program provides an in-depth exposure to all facets of Information Technology at systems and technology level thru courses like Event Driven Programming, Web Development, Databases, Cloud Computing, Networks, Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

    Imbibed with the above knowledge and skills, MBC graduates will be in a good stead to contribute to success of a modern business environment by their ability to analyze business problems and specify appropriate IT-based solutions, manage the use of IT in business, exploit the benefits provided by the Internet for increased productivity, and manage IT development projects.

    The MBC program was first offered by the School of IT in 2006 and so far, 9 batches comprising over 200 graduates have received the BSc (Hons) in MBC degree. After a break of a few years the program is being revived after incorporating latest technology trends.

  • Admission Requirement

    In order to be eligible for admission in SCIT, a candidate must satisfy the following requirements:

    • For BSc (Hons) in Management and Business Computing, at least 50% marks in any Group of Intermediate.
    • Equivalent qualifications are acceptable, provided an equivalence Certificate is obtained from the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) Office.
    • All applicants are required to appear in an Admission Test and Interview.
  • Courses

    • Semester I - Year I

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      GE Intro to ICT
      3 -
      MBC-C Financials for IT FIN-105 3 -
      MBC-C Creating Web Content CSC-111 3 -
      MBC-C Creating Web Content LAB LAB-111 1 -
      MSF Math for IT MTH-112 3 -
      GE English Composition & Comprehension ELU-103 3  
      GE Pakistan Studies SLA-102 1.5 -
          Total 17.5 -
    • Semester II - Year I

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      MBC-C Micro Economics BUS-101  -   
      MBC-C Business Computing CSC-110 3
      CSC- 112
      MBC-C Business Computing LAB LAB-110 1  
      MBC-C Event Driven Programming CSC-206 3  CSC-112
      MBC-C Event Driven Programming LAB LAB-206 1  
      MBC-C Probability for Data Science  MTH-113 3  MTH-112
      GE Communication & Presentation Skills ELU-104 3  ELU-103
          Total 17  -
    • Semester III - Year II

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      MBC-C Businesses and Organizations BUS-201 3
      MBC-C Management for IT MGT-205 3
      MBC-C Macro Economics BUS-202 3
      MBC-C Business Finance FIN-205 3  FIN-105
      UE Elective (Humanities) HUM-1xx 3  
      GE Islamic Studies SLA-103 1.5  -
          Total 16.5  
    • Semester IV - Year II

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      MBC-C Management Information Systems  MGT-201  CSC-110
      MBC-C Database Management Systems  CSC-211 3  CSC-110
      MBC-C Database Management Systems LAB LAB-211 1  
      MBC-C Organizational Behavior MGT-203 3  -
      MBC-C Computer Networks CSC-203 3 CSC-112
      MBC-C IT Operations Management MGT-305 3 MGT-205
          Total 16  
    • Semester V - Year III

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      CS-C Digital Marketing  BUS-304 3  BUS-201
      MBC-C Web Systems Development CSC-215 3  CSC-206
      MBC-C Cloud Computing CSC-222 3  CSC-203
      MBC-C Cloud Computing LAB LAB-222 1  
      MBC-C IT Human Resource Management MGT-302 3 CSC-111 
      UE Elective (Social Science) HUM-2xx  
          Total 16  
    • Semester VI - Year III

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      MBC-C IT Service Quality Management MGT-303 3 MGT-205
      MBC-C Contract and Cyber Law BUS-303 3 BUS-201
      MBC-C Network Administration CSC-223 3  CSC-203
      MBC-C Network Administration LAB LAB-223 1
      MBC-E Elective-I (Technical) CSC-3xx 3
      MBC-E Elective-II (Technical) CSC-3xx 3
          Total 16  
    • Semester VII - Year IV

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      MBC-C Strategic IT Management  MGT-402 3 MGT-205
      MBC-C Entrepreneurship  MGT-304 3  BUS-201
      MBC-C Enterprise Systems CSC-310 3  -
      MBC-C Enterprise Systems LAB LAB-310 1  
      MBC-E Elective-III (Technical) CSC-4xx 3  
      MBC-C Project Part I PRJ-403 3  90 CrHrs
          Total 16  
    • Semester VIII - Year IV

      Course Type  Course Title Course Code Credit Hrs. Pre-Req 
      MBC-C Supply Chain Management
      MGT-403 3  MGT-305
      MBC-C User Experience Design CSC-404 3  CSC-215
      UE Professional Practices HUM-303 3  
      MBC-E Elective-IV (Technical) CSC-4xx 3  
      MBC-C Project Part II PRJ-404 3  PRJ-403
          Total 15  
    • Abbreviations

      Abbreviation Course Type
      CC Computing Core
      GE General Education
      UE University Elective
      MSF Math & Science Foundation
      CS-C Computer Science Core
      CS-E Computer Science Elective
      CS-S Computer Science Supporting
      MBC-C MBC Core
      MBC-E  MBC Elective
    • MBC (Technical) Elective Courses

      Note: MBC Students are required to take up at least 4 courses from the list. However, in order qualify for award of degree with Specialization in AI/IT Management /IT Marketing, a student must take at least 2 electives courses from one area of specialization and also execute the Final Year Project from the same area.

      Course Title Credit Hours Area of Specialization
      Business Intelligence 3-0 AI
      Business Analytics 3-0 AI
      Recommender Systems 3-0 AI
      Cyber Security Management 3-0 IT Management
      IT Innovation Management 3-0 IT Management
      IT Outsourcing Management 3-0 IT Management
      IT Based Market Research  3-0 IT Marketing
      Marketing Methods for IT Business 3-0 IT Marketing
      Social Media Marketing 3-0 IT Marketing 


  • Degree Requirement

    Successful completion of credit hours and projects.

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