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SCIT Alumni Testimonials

  • Menahil Farid | BSc (Finance and Business Computing ) Batch 2014
    Consultant, UK

    “The FBC program helped pave the way for progressing my future academic and professional growth. After BNU, I worked as a Financial Analyst & Content Manager at Front Story Pvt Ltd and then went on to enroll in LUMS as a grad student doing M Phil in Economics and graduated from there in January 2022. I have now moved to the UK and am pursuing my career successfully”.

  • Tazmeen Abdul Jabbar | BSc (Software Engineering) Batch 2014
    Application Developer - Java and Web Technologies, IBM

    "My journey in BNU has marked one of the most memorable chapters of my life. The environment is comfortable and learning-friendly. The teachers are more helpful than those in most universities. It is a great place to study, build a career, and make lifelong friends."

  • Inam Ullah | BSc (Software Engineering) Batch 2007
    Senior Software Developer American Airlines, USA

    “The BNU SCIT family is incredibly helpful and welcoming. I was able to excel in my studies and career through this wonderful program and would recommend it to anyone. The faculty are very knowledgeable and do their best for the students.”

  • Abdul Hannan | BSc (Software Engineering) Batch 2010
    Founder of Belambo Germany

    “After completing my Master’s in Software Engineering from Finland and Germany, I established an IT Consultation firm in Germany, called Belambo.de. The The mission of the company is to unlock growth potential in B2B clients with the help of IT services.

    It was a life-changing four years of my life at SCIT. While continuing my master’s From abroad, I realized that I was already groomed and confident to compete in the world-class universities of Finland and Germany. I am thankful to my teachers and mentors at SCIT, who trained me to overcome the challenges of professional life.”

  • Mohammad Mehmood Ali | BSc (Software Engineering) Batch 2010
    Founder of Travly

    “Studying at BNU was absolutely an amazing experience and a life changer for me. My teachers at BNU have been extremely helpful and supportive throughout my time at the university and beyond that. During my student life, I represented BNU at various national and international competitions. My first fully sponsored trip to Silicon Valley was through BNU to my Instructor who encouraged me to start work with Mozilla Firefox. Followed on, I started Travly - a technology startup. The beginning of my first venture was at this university. I can't explain the unconditional support we got from my teachers in building this venture.”

  • Syed Talal Ali Burny | BSc (Software Engineering) Batch 2010
    Manager Eco Systems, Careem

    “At BNU we solved real problems and met people from different perspectives. We were prepared to compete in the professional world.”

  • Muhammad Zaid Ikhlas | BSc (Software Engineering) Batch 2013
    Product Manager, Soft Solutions

    “SCIT has been an important part of my academic and professional acuity as it had provided me with the best education and above all, great teachers. Compared to other CS/SE schools in the city, SCIT is highly underrated and my experience here will always remain close to my heart! ”

  • Roshanay Asif Sheikh | BSc (Software Engineering) Batch 2013
    Director, Rajax Shoe Industries

    “I have spent 4 amazing years at SCIT, BNU!

    I still miss those walls and those classrooms where I made immense memories with my friends! I am thankful to BNU and the faculty of SCIT department for shaping me up into the person I have become today. The personal and technical skills I possess today which indeed are helping me achieve my professional dreams are owed to this amazing institution. “

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