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About Department of Management Sciences (DMS)

Department of Management Sciences aims at imparting theoretical and practical knowledge in the diverse field of business. We believe in continuous improvement to deliver quality education, develop leadership skills, and prepare our graduates for the modern corporate world.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (Hons.)

Department of Management Sciences offers a four years BBA (Hons.) program in the following areas of specializations:

  1. Specialization in Marketing
  2. Specialization in Supply Chain Management
  3. Specialization in Finance 
  4. Specialization in Business Intelligence
  5. Specialization in Human Resource Management

Options of Single Major, Double Majors and Minors

  1. Students can opt for a single Major by choosing only one area of specialization.
  2. The students who opt for Double Majors will choose two areas of specialization and will complete 8 courses of specializations (four courses from each specialization).
  3. The Students who opt a for a specialization with Majors will have to complete four offered specialization courses while the students who opt for a specialization with minors will have to complete two offered specialization courses from another stream of specialization. The minor courses can also serve as a substitute for an interdisciplinary (elective) course.
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