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  • Graduated Batches

    • 14 batches graduated since 2009 in Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)-5 year program
    • New Bachelor of Interior Design (B.ID)-4 years program starting from Fall 2023

  • Faculty

    1. Qualified faculty members:
    2. Local and foreign academic and professional experience in US, UK, France and the Middle East. Faculty is active in research, publication, exhibitions and professional practice

      • 17 faculty publications/ research papers written last year
      • Two books published by faculty members
      • 5 Faculty/ students exhibitions last year
      • Faculty professional practice include high end projects located in Pakistan, US, UK, Middle East and Afghanistan

    3. Conferences:
      • An Interdisciplinary Focus on Pedagogy. Unbox Lab-BNU, 2021
      • A Focus on Pedagogy: Teaching, Learning and Research in Modern Academy: University of Kassel, Ball State University, BNU and the University of Pretoria, Virtual, April 2022
      • International Workshop and Symposium, "Pedagogy for Change", November 2023 (UET, RHSA & IAP)

    4. Faculty's foreign qualifications:
      • Rhode Island School of Design, US
      • University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, US
      • AA School of Architecture, UK
      • Paris Belleville, France
      • Directeur d' 'etudes Bernard PAURD, France
      • University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
      • Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden
      • Politecnico de Milano, Italy
      • Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow, UK
      • Cardiff University, UK
      • Columbia University, US
      • Razia Hassan School of Architecture, BNU (M. Arch)

    5. Faculty PhD
    6. Two faculty members are PhD Scholars

  • RHSA Alumni in Foreign Universities

    Alumni pursued higher education at the following universities:

    • Aimen (Harvard University)
    • Rabia Arif (MIT)
    • Maryam Hanif (Columbia University )
    • Akbar Ali Khan (AA - Architecture Association)
    • Hira Wasim (AA - Architecture Association)
    • Jasim (Teaching at King Fahd University, KSA Assistant Professor & Masters from the University of Liechtenstein)
    • Talha Tayyab (University of Nottingham)
    • Mehwish Khalil (MIT)
    • Haseeb Amjad (Columbia University)
    • Maha Idress ( Columbia University)
    • Omer Khalid (University of Liechtenstein)
    • Hala Bashir (MIT)
    • Farhan Riaz (Bah House Germany)
    • Omair Zafar Bah House Germany)
    • Waleed Shahid (Bah House Germany)
    • Hamza Gondal (Bah House Germany)
    • Zain Qureshi (University of Glasgow)
    • Akif Naveed (Izmir Tech University)
    • Omair Khan (Izmir Tech University)
    • Nisar Mirza (Izmir Tech University)
    • Jahanzaib Shoaib (MIT)

  • Scholarships

    • Need based scholarships
    • Merit based scholarships
    • Teaching Assistant (TA) Positions available for students

  • Infrastructure and Facilities

    • 10 custom built design studios (single and double height)
    • RHSA-SVAD Workshop for Metal and Woodwork
    • AR/VR Lab
    • In-house 3D printing facility
    • All studios are equipped with latest projectors, LEDs, audio, video, mic, sound system, computers for lectures and attendance/ students results through Central Management System (CMS).
    • RHSA Computer lab with lab assistant, projector and (36) high end computer systems
    • Photographic studio for documentation of architectural works
    • Large studio with designed lighting for in-house exhibitions of faculty and students work
    • Central library with more than 2330 books on Architecture

  • Educational Equipment

    Education Equipment Available for Students use:

    1.  Godex Trigger X-Pro (Sony Alpha)
    2.  Silver Light Stand
    3. Sliver Light C-Stand
    4. Complete Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit
    5. Godox SK400II Studio Strobe
    6. Godox SL - 60 LED Video Light
    7. Godox Deep Octa P120L with Grid Bowens Mount
    8. Rode Video Mic with Rycote Lyre Suspension
    9. Apkina 90Cm Octabox Replaced with 80*120cm Grid Softbox
    10. Sony E PZ 18-105MM f/4 G OSS (Lens)
    11. Tamron 17-70mm F208 (lens) (Alpha Mount)
    13. Sony NP-FW50 Lithium - Ion Battery (1020mAh) (Original)
    14. SanDisk 32GB 95MB/s SD Card
    15. ICON 7865 Video Pan Head Tripod
    16. Tripod 2 in 1 with Monopod
    17. 7 in 1 Collapsible Reflector
    18. Oculus VR Rifts (VR Headset)
    19. Converter for VR
    20. Laser Distance Measuring Device
    21. Gopro Hard 10 With Kit
    22. SOSCH File Kit GTC 400C
    23. Mola Kit for Structure
    24. DGI FVP Drone with goggles
    25. Boche Thermal Camera
    26. Additional 3D Printers (Planned for Fall 2023)
    27. I-Pad Pros (Planned for Fall 2023)
    28. Additional camera and special lens for product photography (Planned for Fall 2023)
    29. Holo-fan to present 3D holographic image of students work (Planned for Fall 2023)
  • Learning Beyond Classroom

    1. Educational Trips:
      • First Year: Within Lahore
      • Second Year: Within Punjab Province
      • Third Year: Outside Province
      • Fourth Year: Outside Country (Last class went to Turkey)

    2. Student Foreign Exchange Program:
      • 3rd Year (Spring Semester): Yeditepe University, Istanbul, Turkey

    3. RHSA-Internship Development Program through:
      • RHSA Alumini network
      • Students were provided internships by RHSA through IDP in architectural firms, Government and Non-Government Organizations including Agha Khan Cultural Services and Walled City Lahore Authority last summer

    4. Guest lectures, students capacity building workshops, inter-university workshops and seminars (offered through 8 university departments)
    5. Summer workshop/ programs for architecture and non-architecture students (starting from this summer)

  • Extra Curricular Activities

    • Student Affair Department
    • Job placement through 14 graduated batches of RHSA Alumni
    • In-house elected Student Council
    • In-house events (jamming sessions, welcome/ farewell events, theme weeks, concerts and other events planned by RHSA Student Council
    • BNU Bestival
    • Cricket, football and basketball courts
    • Central cafeteria
    • Health center with dedicated ambulance service
    • On-Campus Psychological counseling is available for students

  • RHSA Vision-2030 Proposals

    • Re-starting M. Arch (Masters in Architecture) Program at RHSA, BNU
    • RHSA Center of Development (R-COD) to focus on the following:
      • Urban and Rural Development
      • Heritage Conservation
      • Disaster Resilient Strategies including Climate Change Challenges
      • Earthen Architecture
      • Emerging Technologies
        1. Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Metaverse
        2. Data Analysis
        3. Latest Software
        4. Coding to develop custom made apps for Architecture
      • New Construction Technologies
      • Faculty and Student Capacity Building
      • Think Tank to discuss alternative future trajectories within local context
    • National and International Collaborations with reputable organizations
    • Development of dedicated and high-end workshop with latest woodwork related equipment, Lathe Machine, CNC, Laser Cutter and large bed 3D Printer
    • Publishing and Printing Center

  • Gallery

The Beaconhouse Group
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