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The Unit of City and Housing is a housing research unit within RHSA; as part of the executive committee of the Prime Minister's Housing Task Force (an academic branch of the Naya Pakistan Housing Program) UoCH has the long term goal of developing the expertise that would enable it to propose and develop sustainable housing design solutions to regions all over Pakistan.


 Shortage  Control Density
 Poor Quality  Industry Development
 Inefficient Land Use  Improve City Fabric

 Control Density  High Density Housing  City Mapping / Surgical  Interventions
 Industry Development  Prefab Architecture  Linkage with industry / Steel Light  Gauge and Wood Light Frame
 Improve City Fabric  Urban Heritage  Manuals/Publications


STUDENT WORK - 2019/20

  • Hassan Wajid

Project Details

Type : Energy Efficient House
Site : Motorway City
Semester : M.Arch
Objectives : Housing, Sustainability, Energy Efficiency, Urban Farming


STUDENT WORK - 2018/20

  • Haider Nadeem Raja

Project Details

Type : Low Cost Housing
Site : i-11 Islamabad
Semester : Studio VIII
Objectives : Low cost housing, Sustainability, Skill Development


STUDENT WORK - 2019/20

  • Fariha Zahra

Project Details

Type : Shelter
Site : Safari Park
Semester : Studio VIII
Objectives : Low cost material, Sustainability, Construction Technique


STUDENT WORK - 2019/20

  • Halima Hamid

Project Details

Type : High Density Housing
Site : Cant Station Lahore
Semester : Studio VIII
Objectives : Left over spaces, Housing, Social inclusion, Urban Regeneration



City Mapping / Surgical Interventions
Linkage with industry / Steel Light Gauge and Wood Light Frame


City Mapping / Surgical Interventions
High Density Housing and Urban renewal
Left-Over spaces

Linkage with industry
Pre-fab construction Dry Construction
Experimental construction (bamboo)

Best practice guides; human-centered design

The Beaconhouse Group
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