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At Beaconhouse National University School of Architecture, we are sensing the emergent respectability of architectural education in Pakistan that heralds the possibilities of new architecture related developments beyond the normative practices. It is the aim of School of Architecture to capture this enthusiasm in pursuit of a mission oriented education that can improve the quality of life in an affordable and sustainable manner without compromising the ideals of a professional education.

If you seek a life of mission and service with visions of conceptualizing, designing and realizing built environments ranging from the essential dwelling, worthy of a becoming home, all the way to a collective human settlement, that is a system of socio-economic rights and respected boundaries, a nursery of cultural manifestations and ultimately worthy of being recognized as a seat of civilization that catalyzes, serves, as well as sustains the finest of our civilized patterns; then you should seriously consider becoming an Architect by studying at Razia Hassan School of Architecture.

Among the architecture schools in Pakistan, SA is now associated with innovation, freshness, and experimentation. Our graduates are respected by the industry for the maturity of ideas and inventiveness. To the best of our knowledge they are all employed (or engaged) in creative and procreative pursuits that can be considered as somehow linked to architecture.

SA’s trajectories for the future include virtualization of studio work in architecture, adding value through design and experimental construction and initiating the academic discourse to study the questions of “critical regionalism” in architecture. It aims to optimize construction details in the country after researching the hidden economic and life-cost deficiencies caused by poor detailing practice.

Prof. Dr. Gulzar Haider

Dean Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA)

Prof. Dr. Gulzar Haider - Dean, Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA)

Prof. Dr. Gulzar Haider

Dean, Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA)

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