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At Razia Hassan School of Architecture we believe that the architectural studies must be pursued with professional aims and humanistic values. The architectural studies must be a synthesis of arts, humanities, and sciences grasped through the rigors of intellect and practice, results of which are aesthetically judged and technically understood. Our commitment to the highest professional and cultural aspirations is achieved through innovative pedagogies applied through challenging and research-based projects.

The emergent respectability of architectural education in Pakistan heralds the possibilities of new architecture related developments beyond the normative practices. It is the aim of RHSA to capture this enthusiasm in pursuit of a mission-oriented education that can improve the quality of life in an affordable and sustainable manner without compromising the ideals of a professional education. The academic program closely follows the aspirations and requirements of the HEC-PCATP (Higher Education Commission and the Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners) National Curriculum of Architecture. A carefully structured balance is created between the studies of historical precedents, critical analysis of contemporary issues, theoretical formulations, applied sciences and technology and project-based studios. All attempts are made to create an interdisciplinary educational atmosphere through shared electives with various Schools at BNU.

The Bachelor of Architecture Degree awarded by BNU is duly accredited by PCATP: Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners.

While current trends in architectural education leave limited opportunities for revisiting the professional curricula , BNU is committed to remain experimental in search of spin-off specializations in the service of built environments: building economics, life-cycle costing wards comprehensive sustainability, designed flexibility towards adaptive reuse of buildings, energy sensitive building subsystems like visible HVAC subsystems, energy sensitive hardware especially windows, lighting and acoustic products, humanfactor-integrated furniture design, accessibility and safety details for the handicapped, interior architecture.

The School of Architecture places special emphasis on being connected to the contemporary world. To this end numerous links have been created with European, British, Canadian, American universities. The state-of-the-art campus and especially the shared building housing the School of Visual Art and Design and the School of Architecture is being equipped with facilities to share online lectures and studio presentations with faculty and students from other universities. The building is also designed to facilitate student experimental constructions aimed at understanding structural, constructional and environmental necessities of architecture.

Prof. Dr. Gulzar Haider

Dean Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA)

Prof. Dr. Gulzar Haider - Dean, Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA)

Prof. Dr. Gulzar Haider

Dean, Razia Hassan School of Architecture (SA)

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