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M. Arch. (Master of Architecture)

Program Overview

Fields: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environment and Ecology, Land Economics, Urban Development, Planning Authorities, Code Authorities, Public Art and Sculpture, Construction Industry, Material Industry, Film Production, Theatre Production, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Education, Environmental Psychology, Public-Private Partnerships in Housing, Educational Facilities, Infrastructure and Heritage Conservation Planning.

Duration: 2 Years / 3 - 4 Semesters

Credits: 40

Career Paths: Architect, Building Type Specialist (Housing, Schools, Hospitals, Airports, Public Institutions like museums, galleries, performance halls...), Interior Designer, Urban Designer, Landscape Designer, Environmentalist, Land Development Consultant and Building Economist, Stage Designer, Furniture Designer, Virtual Environments Designer for Films and Video-games, Restoration/Conservation Architect, Building Energy Consultant, Code Consultant, Materials Consultant, Construction Manager, Architectural Historian, Architectural Critic, Architectural Educator, Architectural Photographer.

  • Program Description

    Razia Hassan School of Architecture offers Masters of Architecture which is a Forty (40) credit post-graduate degree program that could be spread over two to four semesters depending upon the professional practice and/or academic aspirations of the student. Its primary objective is the post-graduate education of architects who, beyond the basic professional degree (B.Arch.) are exposed to Critical Inquiry into the sources of architectural ideas and inspirations as well as the processes through which a student develops and refines designs. Research, Design and Writing across Boundaries among architecture and domains like:

    • Liberal Arts
      Philosophy, history, cultural studies, literature, fine arts, music
    • Social Sciences
      Economics, sociology, psychology, education
    • Physical sciences and technology
      Physics, mathematical and natural morphology, materials sciences, tectonics of construction
    • Communications
      Digital visualization and communicative arts and technologies
    • Education
      Academy versus practice
      Studio and allied pedagogies
      Advanced instructional technologies including virtual studios
  • Program Objectives

    • To develop good interpersonal and communication skills in the students, especially with relevance to their program of studies.
    • To develop an ability to analyze architectural design problems and specify appropriate solutions to design a mission-oriented education that can improve the quality of life in an affordable and sustainable manner without compromising the ideals of a professional education.
    • To create a balance between the studies of historical precedents, critical analysis of contemporary issues, theoretical formulations, applied sciences and technology and project-based studios.
  • Program Outcomes

    M. Arch. Degree Program has the following outcomes by the end and the students should be able to:

    • Provide a solid basis on which they can adapt to changing techniques and practices in the professional world.
    • Communicate the issues and problems related to architecture in a professional and readily understandable format.
    • Provide sufficient knowledge in the field of architecture which can further produce effective research for the similar industry.
    • Fully equipped with moral values and professionalism.
  • Admission Process & Eligibility Criteria

    Applicant with minimum 17 years of education with minimum 3.0 CGPA from HEC recognized education institute is eligible to apply

    • Step 1:
      Email Dr. Gulzar Haider (ghdesigngroup@gmail.com) and Razia Latif (razia.latif@gmail.com) to seek appointment for admission interview

    • Step 2:
      1. Portfolio or Academic Writing Sample
        Candidates are required to bring 10 images of their recent works in print or jpeg format/similar digital format. Candidates can also bring 1 to 3 writing samples, academic papers in the relevant field
      2. Statement of Purpose
        Candidates are required to submit a 350-1000 words statement elaborating their intended graduate research interest.
      3. Curriculum Vitae
        All candidates need to submit their most updated Curriculum Vitae, highlighting their educational, academic and professional experience.

    • Step 3:
      Once selected candidates are intimidated by the Graduate Studies Department, Candidate must fill an application form at the registrar’s office and submit it with attested photocopies of all prior degrees and academic transcripts with a processing fee to the registrar’s office.
  • Courses

    • Semester I | Year 1 

      BNU-RHSA HEC Credit Hrs.
      Research Methods and Academic Writing Advanced Architectural Research Methods 3
      Advanced Architecture Design Studio I Advanced Architecture Design Studio I 6
      Integrated Graduate Colloquium I Architectural Theory and Criticism  3
      Directed Studios - Relevant to Selected Focus a. Meaning in the Built Environment 
      b. Design Value & Architecture
      Elective a. History, Theory & Criticism I
      b. Contemporary Architectural Historiography
    • Semester II | Year 1 

      BNU-RHSA HEC Credit Hrs.
      Advanced Architecture Design Studio II Advanced Architecture Design Studio II 6
      Integrated Graduate Colloquium II Architectural Graphics & Visualization  3
      Theory Elective - Relevant to Selected Focus a. Sustainable Design, Theory & Orientation
      b. Key, Text & History 
      Elective a. History, Theory & Criticism II
      b. History & Theory of Urban Design 
      Total   15
    • Semester III | Year 2

      BNU-RHSA HEC Credit Hrs.
      Master's Thesis/Project Advanced Architecture Design Studio III 7
  • Degree Requirement

    Completion of 40 credit hours and project/thesis.

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