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Introduction to the Program of Journalism and Mass Communication



Journalism is becoming increasingly complex in this rapidly changing world and journalists have to analyze and explain the events that affect the country and the world. Preparation for such a formidable responsibility requires not just technical and professional skills but also an intellectual curiosity about the world. Program of Journalism and Mass Communication at the School of Media and Mass Communication (SMC) is preparing students for such challenges. Our graduates have become journalists, writers, reporters, editors and producers in different newspapers, magazines, radio and television channels. From working in newsrooms to working in multi-media outlets, they have showcased their knowledge and skills through a variety of platforms.

At the Program of Journalism and Mass Communication, an opportunity is provided to study journalism in its broadest aspects, i.e. its history and literature, its laws, regulations and ethics; its traditional role as a motivator and critic of government in a dynamic, democratic society; and its total effect as a social and economic institution. This enable our students to become responsible media professionals who can bring positive change in the society.

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