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PhD Program

Program Overview

Areas: Psychology research

Duration: 3-7 years

Credit Hours: 20

Career Paths: Psychological research units and organizations, hospitals, private clinics, educational institutions, armed forces (educational and medical core) , counseling and guidance centers, selection boards, research organizations, civil services, business enterprises, advertising and marketing agencies, industries, social welfare agencies, reformatories, NGOs and institutions for individuals with special needs.

  • Program Description

    The Institute of Psychology offers PhD after MS/M.Phil in Psychology. PhD program will be offered in the following Specialized Areas of Psychology

    • Clinical Psychology
    • Counseling Psychology
    • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • School and Educational Psychology
    • Health Psychology
    • Developmental Psychology

      * The Area of Specialization of PhD Scholars will be defined by the topic of their PhD Dissertation and the degree title will be determined accordingly.

  • Admission Requirement

    To be eligible for admission to the PhD in Psychology, a candidate must have good academic record with MS/M.Phil. in Psychology from a well-established and HEC recognized university. Criteria for admission to the PhD program is kept in strict accordance with the guidelines set by the Higher Education Commission. Applicants who meet the academic criteria will take an entrance test. On clearance of the test, they will be interviewed for final admission.

  • Courses

    • Year I Semester I

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs
      PhD-801 Current Perspectives and Issues in Psychology 3
      PhD-805 Seminar on Specialized Areas of Psychology 3
      PhD-810 Developing Research Proposal in Area of Specialization 3
        Total 9
    • Year I Semester II

      Course Code Course Credit Hrs
      PhD-815 Writing up, Presenting and Publishing Research 3
      PhD-820 Theoretical & Practical Application of Advanced Statistics 4 (3-1)
      PhD-825 Research Instrument Development : Practical Issues 4 (3-1)
        Total 11
        Total Credit Hours 20

      * According to HEC, 3 Credits mean three credit hours of theory, while 4(3-1) means a total of four credit hours, of which three are of theory while one credit hour is for laboratory or practical work.

      *The duration of PhD program will range between three to seven years. The course work will be covered in the first year of PhD while the students will be required to work on their Dissertation (PhD-930) pertaining to their area of specialization in the remaining years.

  • Degree Requirement

    Completion of credit hours and thesis.

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