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The Institute of Psychology grew out of the Department of Applied Psychology established at BNU, in 2004 and was one of the first higher education facilities in the subject in private sector. The Institute is successfully offering the following academic programs: B.Sc. (Hons) Applied Psychology, M.Sc.in Applied Areas of Psychology, MS Clinical and Counseling Psychology, M.Phil. in Applied areas of Psychology and PhD. Over and above, the core courses in the discipline of Psychology, the Institute offers innovative courses that promote independent critical thinking among the students. For example, courses such as Current Debates in Psychology, Seminars on indigenous Psychosocial Issues and specialized workshops conducted by practicing psychologists in the field. Over the years these programs have motivated the students to actively carry out research on indigenous issues under the guidance of expert supervisors.

The Research output of the Institute is impressive and publications of the faculty and the students appear regularly in National and International Research Journals of repute. We are proud of the fact that several of our students have been selected for prestigious scholarships and have been able to enroll in the Ivy League Universities. The employment rate of our graduates is extremely encouraging. Our graduates are working as outstanding competent professionals and have been absorbed in hospitals and private clinics as clinical psychologists, in schools as schools counselors, in the armed services as military psychologists, in the academia as research associates and teachers. Several among them are also serving in special education institutions while some of them are curriculum planners for different school systems.

The Institute of Psychology boasts of fully equipped Experimental, Social and Psychometric laboratories. Our programs are designed to meet the following objectives:

 To provide first-rate instruction and practical training in areas of Psychology such as: Child and Developmental, Abnormal and Clinical, Health, Guidance and Counseling, Business and Organizational, Social, Cognitive, Experimental, Psychometrics, Assessment, Educational, School, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Advertising and Consumer Psychology.

 To conduct basic and applied research on topics relevant to our society with a view to study the existing psychosocial issues in the community. The Institute plans to promote interdisciplinary research for the solution of clinical, social, educational, health, forensic and organizational problems.

 To develop data-base and indigenous psychological assessment tools for research and assessment purposes.

 To gain indigenous knowledge about the prevalence and management of various psychological and social problems in Pakistan.

 To equip students with problem solving skills and coping mechanisms that would not only help them in personal wellbeing but would also enable them to facilitate others to cope with the demands of everyday life.

 To help students to maximize their potential as individuals, as Pakistanis, and as good human beings.

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