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Virtual Health Centre

BNU offers a primary care facility to its students, faculty and staff through its on-campus Virtual Health Centre (VHC) in partnership between iHeal and Cloudclinik. The Clinic provides services of regular checkup and basic medical screening to BNU faculty, staff and students. The Clinic is manned by trained nursing staff with the availability of an online panel of general physicians where patients can connect with them face-to-face in real-time via video screen upon request or requirement. 

The purpose of VHC is to provide primary care on campus, screen for underlying risks for diabetes and hypertension, provide medical advice, monitor and manage basic health and refer to specialist care where required.

Students can get their Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Temperature, Pulse and Eye Vision evaluated. VHC then creates a wellness profile of each student against a unique ID number which is stored with the Clinic for future visits. Based on any irregularities, a student may be advised appropriate course of action by the medical team.

All screenings and visits to the clinic are optional and free-of-cost for students. 

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