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Vice Chancellor’s Message

As the premier liberal arts university of Pakistan, BNU does not limit itself to a niche and promotes quality education across a broad range of contemporary disciplines, including visual arts and design, architecture, liberal studies with majors from social sciences, media and film studies, applied psychology, banking & finance and Information Technology, and teacher education. With its state-of-the art facilities, purpose-built campus, high quality faculty and a progressive curriculum, BNU offers a great opportunity to invest in your future through acquisition of skills and intellectual prowess that will enable you to scale new heights in the professional sphere.

Given the need for quality research in Pakistan, BNU has framed its programs to incorporate a strong research component that reinforces the content of the curriculum while ensuring a consistency with global dynamics. It is this orientation that has led to the BNU brand gaining increased visibility in national and international research and in its policy advisory role, with its faculty and students contributing to reputed journals and to the policy debates in the country.

Since its inception in 2003, BNU has been consistently incremental in its progress. With more than two thousand graduates, a dynamic and didactic orientation, the path ahead looks even promising. I encourage you to consider BNU as an institution that you find intellectually stimulating and rewarding in your future endeavors.

Welcome to the exciting world of BNU.

Dr. Ruhi Khalid, Officiating Vice Chancellor

Dr. Ruhi Khalid

Officiating Vice Chancellor, BNU

The Beaconhouse Group
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