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BNU at a Glance

Chartered by the Government of Punjab, Beaconhouse National University (BNU) is the first Liberal Arts University of Pakistan offering undergraduate and graduate programs in various fields of Liberal Arts including Visual Arts and Design, Architecture, Business Studies, Psychology, Economics, Journalism and Media Studies, Theatre, Film and Television, Education, and Computer and Information Technology.

BNU is a non-profit, apolitical, non-sectarian, equal-opportunity institution offering degree programs in modern disciplines, many of which are not offered anywhere else in Pakistan.

Student Enrollment
Students Graduated
540 million Rs. worth

35 contiguous acres
9 functional buildings
88 permanent
92 adjunct
Vice Chancellor
Shahid Hafiz Kardar
Board of Directors Board of Governors
*The figure represents an estimated number of students enrolled
**The figure represents total number of students graduated till our 11th Convocation in 2016
***The figure represents an estimated amount of merit and need based scholarships given to students from 2003-2016
****The figures represent an estimated number of faculty teaching at BNU as permanent or visiting basis

Our Mission

BNU’s mission is a unique undertaking that stands undeterred in producing a respectful and tolerant generation of young people who possess the potential to create a positive impact in their communities within a relatively short period of time. BNU continues to offer modern curricula in a range of conventional and new disciplines while preserving the history and culture of Pakistani society. It enriches the overall intellectual growth of a student through interaction and professional excellence.

Our Values

BNU retains its identity as a non-profit, apolitical, equal-opportunity, truly national higher-education institution and fast-emerging as a world-class Liberal Arts university following its perennial values of inclusiveness, participative leadership, comprehensive academic freedom and a merit-driven and need-based recruitment and admission policy at all levels.

At BNU, we encourage complete academic freedom at the school level. This has contributed to BNU’s core academic competence and has helped the university to gather the best intellectual capital within the country in respective schools and departments.

Our Vision

Following its mission and values BNU envisions to become a world-class international university offering a wide range of programs and providing equitable access to tertiary-level educational opportunities to a diverse student population, thereby producing human capital for the national and global market through refined research and academic delivery in consonance with evolving global pedagogical paradigms. BNU envisages setting a strong and unique intellectual benchmark for Pakistan in the world. BNU aspires to be a prestigious institution with original features, excellent quality and reasonably priced universal availability of academic offerings with support of all stakeholders.

Why Choose BNU?

  • Visionary and capable leadership with record of great success in short span of time
  • Collegial and dedicated faculty
  • Extraordinary Human Resource
  • Complete academic freedom
  • Immense talent among students (especially females)
  • Innovative and ‘niche’ creating teaching programs
  • State of the art custom-designed Campus and studio facilities
  • Good image in the job market; high absorption of graduates of BNU
  • Growing links with international and national institutions
  • Vertical integration with BSS and other institutions
The Beaconhouse Group
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