Message from the SVAD Dean


Prof. Salima Hashmi
Dean (SVAD)

MA Art Education, Rhode Island School of Design , USA
Diploma Art Education, Bath Academy of Art , Bristol University , U.K.
Former Principal National College of Arts
Visual Artist, Critic, Curator

Message from the Dean

The School of Visual Arts and Design at BNU has completed five years of its existence. This is a good opportunity to take stock of what we have achieved in this very brief period. Our current enrollment figure of three hundred students demonstrates that over five years we have gained momentum and established a credible reputation in the academic community.

SVAD provides for a rich variety of art practice and theory. We have taken the lead in implementing an interdisciplinary approach to education in a liberal arts environment. Our modern curriculum empowers students to think for themselves. It equips them with the ability to apply skills and knowledge critically and innovatively. In the friendly environment of SVAD, students are treated as individuals with needs.

It is the School's underlying belief that an art education should make great demands upon all those engaged in it - the students and the faculty. The faculty regularly participates in both local and international exhibitions and residencies. Our lecturers are not only dedicated to imparting a high quality of education but are also actively committed to furthering the development of the visual arts in Pakistan.

Building the next generation of educated artists, designers and theoreticians is fundamental to our mission. At this time of globalization, there is a pronounced international interest in Pakistani art and we hope to be at the forefront of this development. Our first graduates have joined the wider art and design community, not only in Pakistan but in the U.K. and U.S. They have launched themselves into the industry or have been admitted to eminent postgraduate programs abroad. We are confident they will make their way in the world as knowledgeable and competent professionals.

Much has been accomplished during these past years but much remains to be done. Building on our success, a lot of hard work still lies ahead in increasing our academic stature.We extend a warm welcome to the new and returning students. You will discover that you have joined a unique institution. We look forward to another productive, stimulating and rewarding year at SVAD.

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