Board of Directors of BNU Foundation


Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri

Mrs. Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri founded the Beaconhouse School System (BSS) in 1975. BSS is the largest and oldest private school system in Pakistan and is located in 27 cities. It has a student body of over 70,000 and a staff exceeding 7,000 (of which 4,500 are teachers).

Mrs Kasuri is widely traveled and has attended many seminars and courses on education and management. She has served as a member of The Social Empowerment Group - Punjab Sub Committee on Education and is a member of the Education Advisory Board, Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan and the Punjab Educational Foundation. She is also member of WWF, Pakistan.


Mr. Sartaj Aziz, Vice Chancellor BNU


Mr. Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri
Mr. Kasim Mahmud Kasuri
Dr. Parvez Hassan
Mr. Mueen Afzal
Mr. Shamim S. Khan
Mr. Hussain Dawood