Permanent Faculty

Dr. Ruhi Khalid

PhD (Glasgow University, UK)
MSc. (Punjab University)
Post Doctorate (Pittsburgh University, USA)
Certified Counselor (Pennsylvania, USA)

Dr. Farhat Nadeem

Assistant Professor
In charge Applied Psychology Program
PhD (Punjab University)
M.Sc. (Punjab University)

Ms. Ayesha Sarfaraz

Assistant Professor

In charge Organizational Psychology Program
M.Phil Organizational Psychology (Government College University)
M. Sc Applied Psychology (Punjab University)

Ms. Amna Butt

Assistant Professor

In charge Clinical Psychology Program     
MS in Clinical Psychology (Government College University)
MSc. Applied Psychology (Beaconhouse National University)

Mr. Hafiz Waqar Zafar

M.Phil Applied Psychology (Beaconhouse National University)
M.Sc. Health Psychology [Honors] (Government College University)
B.Sc. [Hons] Psychology (Government College University)
Certificate in Confidence Building (Stonebridge College, UK)

Ms. Aman Karim

MS Clinical & Counseling Psychology (Beaconhouse National University)
BSc [Hons] Applied Psychology (Kinnaird College)


Resource Persons

Dr. Feriha Peracha

Clinical Psychologist
PhD (University College London, UK)
M.Sc. (University of Calgary, Canada)

Dr. Saad Bashir Malik

Head, Department of Psychiatry
Jinnah Hospital Lahore
MRC Psych (The Royal College of Psychiatrists, U.K)
FRC Psych (The Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK)
FCPS (College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan)
D.P.M. (Conjoint Board, England)
MBBS (Punjab University)

Dr. Daniel J. Christie

Professor Emeritus Ohio State University
Fulbright Specialist in Peace & Conflict Studies
PhD (Ohio State University, USA)

Dr. Aneeq Ahmad

Associate Professor (Henderson State University, USA)
PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Dr. Nasir Saeed khan

Head, Department of Psychiatry
Services Hospital Lahore
Fellow of Program on International Mental Health (IMHLP) by Melbourne University and Harvard Medical School, Melbourne, Australia.
FCPS-Psych (College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan).
FCPS-I (College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan)
MBBS (Allama Iqbal Medical College)

Dr. Asir Ajmal

Head, Department of Psychology, UCP.
PhD (Dartmouth College, USA)
Professional Training in Clinical Psychology (UK)
M.Sc (Government College University)

Dr. Farah Malik

Head Department of Clinical Psychology (GCU)
Post Doctorate (UK)
PhD (NIP, Quaid-e-Azam University)
M.Phil (NIP, Quaid-e-Azam University)
M.Sc (Applied Psychology, GCU)
Certificate Course in Forensic and Clinical Psychology (UK)
Certificate Course in Advanced Research and Statistics (UK)

Dr. Imran Ijaz Haider

Consultant Neuropsychiatrist
Head, Department of Psychiatry
Fatima Memorial Hospital
MBBS, MRC Psych (UK)
D.P.M  R.C.S (UK)

Dr. Nazish Imran

Head, Department of Child psychiatry
Mayo Hospital
MBBS, MRC Psych (UK)

Dr. Sarah Shahed

Head, Department of Gender Studies, LCWU
PhD (Punjab University)
M.Phil (Quaid-e-Azam University)
M.Sc. Health Psychology, (Surrey University, UK)
M.Sc. (Punjab University)

Mrs Rubina Mehmood

Senior Clinical Psychologist (PIMH)
MS (Government College University)
ADCP (University of the Punjab)
MSc (Peshawar University)

Mrs. Shumaila Ijaz

Clinical & Health Psychologist
M.Sc Health Psychology (UK)
ADCP (Punjab University)
M.Sc. (Punjab University)

Daheem F. Din

M.Sc Counseling (California State University, USA)
M.Sc Psychology (Government College University)

Abia Nazim

MS in Clinical Psychology (Government College University)
ADCP (Punjab University)
M.Sc (Lahore College for Women University)

Arooj Ahmad

MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology (Beaconhouse National University)
MSc Applied Psychology (Punjab University)

Nauveen Dubash

MS Clinical & Counseling Psychology (BNU)
BSc [Hons] Applied Psychology (Kinnaird College)

Shehla Yasin

M.Phil in Organizational Psychology (GCU)
MSc Applied Psychology (University of the Punjab)

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