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  • Department Of Fine Art

    The Foundation Studies program is a seminal year for all students of SVAD. It prepares students to pick their future majors in Fine Art, Visual Communication Design, Jewellery, Textile Design and Fashion Studies. As a dynamic, ever-evolving course that aims to stay relevant to current global trends in art practices, it not only introduces students to practical techniques of art-making but also sets the groundwork for critical and conceptual thinking. Studio courses deal with several mediums and approaches towards art production, while theory courses strive to provide context through historical and contemporary aesthetic philosophies. Students are equipped with methodologies of visually articulating their ideas, individually as well as collaboratively, and encouraged to use art and design as agents of change in their societies.

    The first year may be overwhelming for any art student trying to determine a future career path. Keeping this, and the diverse educational backgrounds and learning capacities of our student body in mind, the program is designed to nurture their individual artistic personalities in order to help them identify their own interests, and eventually grow into confident individuals ready to carve out their niche in the real world.

  • Department Of Fine Art

    The Department of Fine Arts, right from its inception, has offered students the possibility of researching, intersecting through disciplines, questioning and reinventing existing methods of creating Art. This has been achieved by equipping students with the freedom to forge their personal paths. The aim is to help them develop a position on issues important to them in their current reality using contemporary strategies of visual research, thus nurturing well-informed and reflective professionals.

    The students learn to interact with communities and engage with the city in an active way responding to discursive environments and creating dialogues between different perspectives and paradigms. They learn to question norms and challenge the given status quo.

    Since its inception, the Fine Arts Department at the School of Visual Arts and Design has contributed to the development of contemporary art practices in Pakistan immeasurably. The practices of the faculty and alumni of this department have a transnational sensibility, which has contributed to the reputation of Pakistani art in the international arena. Graduates from the Fine Arts department from SVAD are offered places in the most sought after programmes and residencies across the world. They are awarded grants, scholarships, funding for higher education and other competitive projects.

    The faculty and alumni continue to showcase their work in the world’s most prestigious platforms such as international biennials and triennials.

    BFA Visual Arts

  • Department Of Textile, Fashion & Jewellery Design

    The Textile, Fashion and Jewellery programme at BNU, is continuously evolving to meet global and regional expectations. The department meets its objectives with a multi-fold approach; it actively assists students in exploring their potential as design professionals, who can conceptualize creative ideas and translate them into creative solutions for industrial as well as artistic practice. Current, local and international design trends are introduced in response to changing global developments focusing on “green” design solutions. Students are encouraged to contextualize their design-identity in a wider communal fabric, where the socially conscious thinker-designer must give back to the community in a positive way. The programme combines active research and practice, relying heavily on the rich cultural traditions of South Asia and universal art and design practices.

    Courses are structured to stimulate learning through a multidisciplinary mode of study, thereby questioning, exploring, developing and realizing ideas and concepts. Through discussion and debate with distinguished academia, artists, designers, craftspeople and professionals in the industry, students learn to extend their observational, analytical, technical and communication skills to become innovators in their fields.

    The department offers a multi-faceted approach. Students interact with faculty from fashion, textile, fibre and accessory design, thereby learning holistically, before specializing in their area of interest to emerge with a unique skill set. Studies are closely linked to the industry to provide opportunities to actively engage in live projects, competitions, design fairs and art exhibitions. In their final year of study, students are mentored by leading designers and artists leading up to the development of a portfolio of bespoke designs for jewellery, textiles and fashion.

    B.Des Textile & Fibre Studies

    B.Des Fashion & Fibre Studies

    B. Des Jewellery & Accessory Design

  • Department Of Visual Communication Design

    Design, in its many forms is present all around us. Design is an ever-present form of visual culture, which we interact with on a daily basis. At its worst, communication design can mislead, offend, discriminate or sensationalize while on the other hand it informs, guides and organizes.

    Visual Communication Design at SVAD focuses on the role of a designer as a maker-creator with a deep understanding of technology and its aesthetic application. We endeavor to generate a mind-set that allows students to combine a critical understanding of their own context with acquired conceptual and technical skills allowing them to intervene in their environments.

    While acknowledging and maintaining contact with conventional skills like layout and typography, our students are also trained to be proficient in information graphics, game design, application design and interactive experiences.

    Over the years the department has encouraged a process-oriented approach through collaborations with various local and international organizations in the environmental, educational, entrepreneurial and social welfare sectors. Our students have also gone on to win local and international recognition for their excellence in further academic pursuits, and professional achievements in the form of awards and nominations.

    BFA Visual Communication Design

  • Department Of Graduate Studies

    The School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) at Beaconhouse National University has taken the lead in implementing a unique and innovative interdisciplinary approach to teaching art, design and their pedagogy at the graduate level in Pakistan.

    Graduate Studies at SVAD offers two degree programmes: an MA programme in Art & Design Studies (MA ADS) and a low-residence summer intensive MA in Art Education. The degrees aim to foster sustainable programmes for preparing professionals’ competencies in research, teacher education and contemporary discourses in the fields of art and design.

    The MA ADS programme offers a flexible pathway for professional development for early career art and design professionals. Students carry out their practice or theoretical inquiry, or a combination thereof, in independently defined focus areas in an environment strongly supported by research, reflective learning and critical thinking.

    The MA Art Education is Pakistan’s first graduate programme focusing on the teaching of art and related subjects. Established in 2011, the programme has made a pioneering National contribution by introducing the field of Art Education as a formal professional discipline in Pakistan. The programme brings together a diverse body of students from across the country with rich, varied experiences of teaching and learning. Its strengths are based on a mission of research, community, diversity and critical thinking which it supports through its emphasis on academic rigour, practice-based learning and creativity that it both demands of and facilitates for its students.

    The Department faculty believes in providing a liberal and progressive environment that encourages cross-disciplinary dialogue and cultivates reflective practice.

    Many graduates of both MA programmes are already contributing to global art and design discourses in artistic, curatorial, scholarly and pedagogical disciplines as well as within the local education system, both at the grassroots and higher education levels.

    M.A. in Art & Design Studies

    M.A. in Art Education

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