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Program Overview

Areas: Animation, Electronic Design, Illustration, Print Design

Duration: 4 Years | 8 Semesters

Credits: 132


Career Paths: Animation, App Development, Art Director, Brand Strategy Development, Copywriting, Corporate Design, Design Activism, Design Education, Editorial and Book Illustration, Exhibition & Display Design, Game Design, Multimedia Design, Museum Design, Packaging Design, Print and Publication Design, Social Media Communication, User Experience, Web Design

  • Admission Requirement

    Students can opt for this program after successfully finishing foundation year.

  • VCD Major Studio Courses

    • Visual Communication Design Major Studio I | 4th Semester

      Course Code: V-CD 255 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      Students familiarize with areas such as information, orientation, documentation and narration through short and experimental assignments. The emphasis lies on strengthening execution skills, manual and digital, as well as perceptive and conceptual abilities. Important aspects such as semiotics are explored through experiments with color, shape, material, scale, light, sound, language and the body.

    • Visual Communication Design Major Studio II | 5th Semester

      Course Code: V-CD 355 | Contact Time: 12 Hours per week | Credits: 6 | Studio

      Students apply creative tools like mind-maps and mood boards in order to develop more complex design concepts within given assignments. The skill of reading and creating visuals, using materials and tools appropriately is applied to design solutions. Teamwork as well as visual and verbal presentation are strengthened.

    • Visual Communication Design Major Studio III | 6th Semester

      Course Code: V-CD 373 | Contact Time: 12 Hours per week | Credits: 6 | Studio

      Students prepare for their coming final year through fine-tuning all earlier acquired skills. Projects are more self-defined and focus on interactions with the real world: the environment, people and their concerns. Individual discussions and group critiques provide support.

    • Visual Communication Design Major Studio IV

      Course Code: V-CD 455 | Contact Time: 18 Hours per week | Credits: 9 | Studio

      Independent project work characterizes this course. Through applying their reflective and analytical skills students focus on their own interests, strengths and weaknesses, improve where required and develop, execute and present advanced design concepts.

    • Visual Communication Design Major Studio V | 8th Semester

      Course Code: V-CD 475 | Contact Time: 24 Hours per week | Credits: 12 | Studio

      Final year students propose an individual thesis project and follow a self-directed, conscious, dynamic and output rich process. Individual discussions with instructors and group critiques provide feedback. Instructors will recommend relevant professionals to consult. The expected outcome is a complex concept development and a high-end execution to be exhibited in the thesis display. An essay is required.

    • Computer Graphics

      Course Code: V-CD 239 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      This course familiarizes students with basic computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign or Macromedia Flash. Works produced manually or through mediums like photography or printmaking, will be treated digitally. Creating visual effects, composing graphic elements, and preparing images for print and web are central course components.

    • Typography and Layout

      Course Code: V-CD 238 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      This course introduces students to the basics of using type and creating layouts. Students familiarize with specific terminology regarding font classification, measurement, placement and page arrangement. Emphasis is further put on understanding the semiotic value of font and the importance of applying it appropriately to the message.

  • Elective Studio Courses

    Note regarding Advanced Electives: The following applies to the level III elective courses Animation III, Electronic Design III, Illustration III, Print Design III: These advanced courses are independently constructed according to the individual need of students specializing in one of these areas. They are designed in consultation with teaching faculty. Evaluation is through regular tutorials, internal and external critiques and presentations.

    • Animation I

      Course Code: V-CD 240 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      Students are introduced to the basics of two-dimensional animation such as working with key frames, time lines, scenes and motion tweens. Each student completes a small animation, including writing the story, making the storyboard, recording, editing and compiling sound, and finally executing the animation with any 2D animation software with sound and special effects.

    • Animation II

      Course Code: V-CD 340 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      This course concentrates on three-dimensional animation. Students are introduced to modeling (organic and product), rigging, lighting, camera movement and other important features.

    • Electronic Design I

      Course Code: V-CD 236 | Contact Time:6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      Students are introduced to the concepts and practices of interface design. The digital world has become an important part of our times. Intelligent design for screen is the basis for innovative programming techniques. Students get equipped to produce aesthetic solutions that are functional. The major exploration is UI & UX design for screen.

    • Electronic Design II

      Course Code: V-CD 336 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      Students gain the skills to design screen-based interfaces by developing animation, sequential narrative and interactivity. Various projects explore navigation systems and the programming codes of the HTML , CSS and other relevant languages. Students are expected to create web and mobile pages that are technically sound and user friendly.

    • Illustration I

      Course Code: V-CD 237 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      Students are introduced to both, illustration as icon and as narrative. They learn the mechanics of narrative imagery focusing on the more complex format of the storyboard. Research based illustration practices are introduced with emphasis on their immediate environment for inspiration. Material exploration hones their skills in photography, drawing, painting along with using programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

    • Illustration II

      Course Code: V-CD 337 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      Students intensify their research practice in illustration and are introduced to metaphors and similes. Editorial illustration and other indirect yet playful applications are explored. Emphasis is placed on the elements and dynamics of style and language. Students are expected to develop their own personal vocabulary for illustration by the end of the course.

    • Print Design I

      Course Code: V-CD 235 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      This course introduces students to the language and techniques of print design. Basic skills of developing raster and vector images for off-set and screen printing are explored through the software’s such as Photoshop and Illustrator, while page layout techniques and typesetting are learnt through Adobe indesign. Research based projects familiarize students with print standards and formats such as posters, postcards, stamps and magazines. The course includes a field trip to a printing press and a screen printer.

    • Print Design II

      Course Code: V-CD 335 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Studio

      This is a continuation of the previous print design course for students who will work on advanced level print design assignments. These include the development of layout masks for complex multi-paged items like magazines, newspapers and books or the two-dimensional evaluation of a three-dimensional printed item like a box or elaborate packaging. Field trips will be taken to a local publishing house.

  • Theory Courses

    • History of Design

      Course Code: D-HC 242 | Contact Time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 3_Theory

      This course provides a survey of international key developments in the history of design, focusing on European, North American and South Asian perspectives. Students are introduced to theories, movements and personalities of visual communication, popular and material culture in relation to larger technological, cultural and socio-political developments such as industrialization, colonialism or consumerism.

    • Theory of Modern Design

      Course Code: V-HC 342 | Contact Time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Theory

      Students explore the development and relevance of international design approaches, its various schools and cross-cultural movements in relation to socio-political, technological and moral issues of present times. The course is intended as a catalyst for ideas and as a resource for students. Topics include: postmodernism, design morality and integrity, stereotypes and identities.

    • Media Theory

      Course Code: D-HC 442 | Contact Time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Theory

      Students explore and apply theoretical frameworks and insights to fundamental discourses pertinent to the ongoing debates regarding media and culture. They are introduced to the technologies of communication and their effects from production to reception, ways of reading media texts from different analytical perspectives, their relationship and effects on audiences, authors and the collective.

    • Marketing

      Course Code: D-HC 447 | Contact Time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Theory

      Through interactive case study presentations students gain in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and the promotional side of communication design. Social behavior within consumer based societies and consumer psychology is discussed to support design professionals to think critically and rationally according to current visual trends of branding and advertising.

    • Contemporary Design Seminar

      Course Code: V-CD 480 | Contact Time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Theory

      This course aims to orientate students within the rapidly diversifying field of design. They are exposed to both global and regional design discourses and practices through presentations, readings, videos, pod-casts and guest lectures. Students are encouraged to contribute their own findings and develop their own area of interest within this vast field of design both conceptually and practically.

    • Design Portfolio

      Course Code: D-HC 448 | Contact Time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 3 | Theory

      Pre-requisites: Visual Communication Design Major Design Studio I – IV

      This course prepares final year students for their entry into the design profession. Students learn how to structure CVs, write applications for work and further studies, handle interviews, improve presentation skills and document their work in the form of an online portfolio. Students regularly visit eminent creative entrepreneurships.

  • Degree Requirement

    Thesis and Degree show

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