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MA Art & Design Studies [MA ADS]


  • Program Overview

    Duration: 2 Years | 4 Semesters (Time allowed for completion of the program: minimum 2 years, maximum 5 year)

    Credit Hours: 60

    Degree Requirement: Thesis Project: Exhibition and/or Dissertation, depending on selected path from the following options:

    1. Research-Based Studio Practice
    2. Research and Writing
    3. Research-Based Studio Practice and Writing

    Areas of Specialization:

    • Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Video, Installation)
    • Visual Communication Design
    • Textile, Fashion and Fiber Studies
    • Jewelry and Accessory Design
    • Interior Design/Product Design
    • Curatorial Studies
    • Art Theory/ Art History
    • Art Education

    Career Paths: Artist, Designer, Art Educator, Art Administrator, Art Critic, Curator, Art Historian, Art journalist

  • Admission Process

    Round I
    Application deadline: 13th Dec, 18
    Interviews: 17th Dec, 18
    Admission Decisions: 18th Dec, 18
    Last date for registration & fee payment: 8th Jan, 19

    Round II *subject to availability of seats
    Application deadline: 10th Jan, 19
    Interviews: 14th Jan, 19
    Admission Decisions: 15th Jan, 19
    Last date for registration & fee payment: 23rd Jan, 19
    Semester begins: 28th Jan, 19

    Eligibility For Admission : Applicants with minimum 16 years of education or equivalent qualification with minimum 45% (2nd division) marks from HEC recognized educational institutions are eligible to apply. We encourage applicants from diverse academic, personal and professional backgrounds. 
    Admission Procedure : 
    1.Fill out the application form online (www.bnu.edu.pk). Print the form and submit it with your transcripts and processing fee to the Registrar's Office.
    2. Please email the following material to academic.coordinator.svad@bnu.edu.pk.
    A. Portfolio: Work samples in visual or textual format 
    Send ONE of the following options:
    EITHER a Powerpoint presentation consisting of 10 images of your recent work/projects. 
    OR 2-3 Writing Samples: (a reflective essay, an opinion piece or academic paper). 
    OR 10 images + 1-2 Writing samples
    B. Statement of Purpose (500-750 words)
    C. An updated CV 
    More information at www.bnu.edu.pk or http://bit.do/MAADS 
    Email us at academic.coordinator.svad@bnu.edu.pk 
    Or call 0092 322 4346 365 / 0092 42 38100156 (Ext 212) 
    UNESCO - Madanjeet Singh, merit and need-based scholarships are available for outstanding students. 

  • Program Description

    A unique program in South Asia, MA ADS recognizes the potential of creative practices beyond the realm of art and design. Therefore, it is open to creative minds both from within and outside the disciplines of art and design. MA ADS attempts to foster new forms of knowledge in conversation with fields of visual studies, critical theory, creative technologies and scientific inquiry under the premise of art and design. Students devise a self-directed trajectory in studio, writing or a combination of both. This is supported by an integration of courses, seminars, advisors and thesis supervisors, critique panels, visiting lecturers, studio visits and workshops.

  • Courses

    • Integrated Graduate Colloquia | I - IV

      Course Codes: ADS 5300, 5400, 6300, 6400 | Contact Time: 4 hours per week | Credits: 4 | Theory

      This series of seminars facilitates a number of themes through readings, writing assignments, guest speakers, participant presentation to encourage students make a number of critical, historical, philosophical lenses for art and design practices. The diverse disciplinary MA ADS students argue such themes on the same forum to comprehend, debate and share different intellectual perspectives.

    • Research Methods and Academic Writing for Art and Design | I - II

      Course Codes: ADS 5301, 5401 | Contact Time: 4 hours per week | Credits: 4 | Research and Theory

      The objective of these courses is to familiarize students with academic research as a means to understand the context and audience of their work, and in the process to incorporate the needs and demands of such into their design to provide their projects more societal depth and dimension. The course draws the distinction between quantitative and qualitative research and how the latter can be used as a tool not only for collecting information but also for providing inspiration and opening up new avenues to the creative thought process. Central to this understanding is the idea of the researcher as a part of the societal schema and organizations that he / she is researching and that their involvement in the research process and its outcomes is not an inert phenomenon but on the contrary; just like their artistic and design endeavors will be shaped and influenced by their research, their output and involvement with the community and space they choose to research will also influence their resources through this dynamic exchange. Students are exposed to the different tools and techniques that are needed for conducting research and learn to develop, organize, implement and finally present their research in a form standardized within the academia. During two semesters, they conduct individual research: Formulate a thesis question; delineate methodology for the study; maintain field notes and collect research data; write research papers.

    • Strategies and Contexts in Practice

      Course Code: ADS 5100 | Contact Time: 6 hours per week | Credits: 3 | Research and Studio

    • History of Ideas

      Course Code: ADS 5330 | Contact Time: 3 hours per week | Credits: 3 | Lecture

    • Major Project I

      Course Codes: ADS 5200| Contact Time: 6,12 hours per week | Credits: 6, 9 | Research, Theory and Studio

    • Major Project II

      Course Codes: ADS 6100| Contact Time: 6,12 hours per week | Credits: 6, 9 | Research, Theory and Studio

    • Major Project III + Thesis

      Course Code: ADS 6200 | Contact Time: 16 hours per week | Credits: 8 | Research, Theory and Studio + 4 Thesis: Degree show and written paper

    • Strategies and Contexts in Practice, Major Projects I – III, Thesis

      During two-years of MA ADS studies, under studio/research based seminar platform of courses ‘Major Project I, II & III’ students are guided in their studio practices and/or scholarly writings simultaneously, based on specific interest and the direct that a students opt for themselves. Students follow a heuristic and critical framework to evolve studio and/or scholarly research. In consultation with the MA ADS committee and their advisors, the students resolve the ratios for the written and studio components of their theses.

    • Electives

      A selected range of Elective Courses that students can opt from.

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