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Programs of Study

The different programs offered at Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD) are listed below. Foundation studies program is compulsory for all students after which they can choose their major. Click on + sign to check relevant about each major:

Degree Duration Credits Focus Areas
Foundation Studies
It is a seminal year for all students of SVAD which prepares them to pick their future majors
1 Year | 2 Semesters 37 Art history, Introduction to Drawing and studio work, Practical techniques of art-making View Details
BFA Visual Arts 4 Years | 8 Semesters 130 Drawing, Painting, Performance Art, Photography, Print-making, Video Art View Details
B. Des Jewellery & Accessory Design 4 Years | 8 Semesters 130 Jewellery, Accessory View Details
B. Des Textile & Fibre Studies 4 Years | 8 Semesters 133 Print, Weave, Fibre Arts View Details
B. Des Fashion & Fibre Studies 4 Years | 8 Semesters 133 Print, Weave, Fibre Arts, Fashion Studies View Details
B. Des Visual Communication Design 4 Years | 8 Semesters 130 Animation, Interaction Design, Illustration, Print Design View Details
M.A. Art & Design Studies 2 Years | 4 Semesters 60 Visual Communication Design, Textile and Fibre Studies, Fashion Studies, Jewelry and Accessory Design, Interior/Product Design, Curatorial Studies, Art Education, Art Theory View Details
M.A. Art Education 2.5 Years | 3 Summer Semesters 36 Art Administration, Education, Curatorial Studies, Research View Details
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